Sound proofing your room and setting up your home theater - The easy and affordable way.


 We provide customized report on how to design and layout your Home theater room for a nominal fee.

Our objective here is to guide you on Minimal Acoustic interventions which are easy on your pocket as well. And in case you are setting up the Home theater for the first time, then we also help you in going in for the right setup - Stereo/5.1/7.1/Atmos etc

The Report contains the following:

  • What is the Speaker setup you should opt for, If you don't already have one
  • Where should you be placing the speakers and at what height - 3D Coordinates
  • How should you fix the layout or make minor changes in furniture placement to improve acoustic quality
  • Minimalistic Acoustic intervention devices to enhance the acoustic experience, appreciating your current aesthetics at a fraction of cost
  • 3D Diagram of your layout and speakers

We typically deliver in 3-4 working days and appreciate any further support or clarifications thereof.

Who is this report for?

This report is intended for First-time entrants into Niche Home Audio, Budding Audiophiles and Intermediate users - Who have already installed their system but facing issues in terms of Output

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