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Jamsticks is an initiative to give a voice and a breath of fresh air to the Indian audiophile. Coming to the aid of those who can appreciate music and cinema to the extent that art deserves, we offer a haven where those moved by quality can learn, discuss, avail, and appreciate the latest advancements in audio engineering – technology which, in the present state of affairs, almost never reaches the average Indian household. Founded in Aug 2016, we have just begun our journey – think of us as one small voice with high hopes in the endless river of vision, innovation and venture as our country burgeons into affluence and eminence.





Jamsticks founder Even as a hopelessly broke college student, Vikram painstakingly saved ten thousand rupees to buy himself a pair of Audio Technica’s ATH M50x off an American website (Audio Technica products were not available in India at the time). When the headphones finally arrived, his friends thought he was crazy. Ten thousand bucks on a pair of headphones? Nobody understood, because nobody knew.
A decade later, there was Jamsticks.


Almost everyone around us swears by good music but even in affluent of Indian households, spending more than the bare minimum on audio gear is considered wasteful. The reason – audio equipment available for any specified budget in India is several notches below what is available in the west, and options are limited even for those who want to spend money on quality. People don’t know what to buy, or why to buy. The ardent audiophiles at Jamsticks shuddered to think that, for the lack of a little initiative, most Indians have never had the opportunity to listen to music in its true glory; the internationally acclaimed magic of Indian music is enjoyed by everyone in the world except Indians.





  • Vikram Jain - Founder
Jamsticks founderHailing from a background in Economics from the famed Loyola College and specialising in Finance and Strategy at IIM-Kozhikode, Vikram is a veteran innovator with a steady track record of pioneering new ventures aside of being immensely experienced in Leadership positions at High & Mighty Corporates such as Reliance Digital – where he headed the Audio, Video and Tablets Vertical, and Flipkart – where he spearheaded the Consumer Electronics business. He has been the co-founder of two previous ventures – Equity Mantra Services Limited in Chennai, and Arina PTE Ltd in Singapore. Aside of work, he is an ardent audiophile and gamer with a keen interest in Reiki, Yoga, Vipasanna, and politics.






Jamsticks.com has an assortment of products from a Range of Brands across the Globe - America, Europe & Asia. It has a portfolio of Brands which are known to have been critically acclaimed globally in the HIFI Audio Segment


Jamsticks provides support rightfrom designing your Home Theatre room to laying out the cables, determining the right speaker positions, Acoustic conditioning, Setup of the Home Theatre system & Installation support.


Jamsticks stands out from the crowd in terms of advising its customers on Minimal Acoustics correction to get the right AV output. Also basic corrections in Bedroom Layout/Living layout also play a part in improving the acoustic quality of the room.


Jamsticks has a lifetime motto of Customer First approach. All customer centric issues/support/clarification are dealt with in the highest priority.

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