Customized Home Acoustics Solution

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Customized Home Acoustics Solution

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Brand Warranty as Applicable, Usually delivered in 2-8 Business days

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    The Report contains the following

    • What is the Speaker setup you should opt for, If you don't already have one
    • Where should you be placing the speakers and at what height - 3D Coordinates
    • How should you fix the layout or make minor changes in furniture placement to improve acoustic quality
    • Minimalistic Acoustic intervention devices to enhance the acoustic experience, appreciating your current aesthetics at a fraction of cost
    • 3D Diagram of your layout and speakers

    We typically deliver in 3-4 working days and appreciate any further support or clarifications thereof.

    Who is this report for - This report is intended for First-time entrants into Niche Home Audio, Budding Audiophiles and Intermediate users - Who have already installed their system but facing issues in terms of Output