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Pioneer audio Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in digital entertainment products, based in Japan. The company’s founder, Nozomu Matsumoto was so moved by what he heard when he first listened to dynamic speakers that he made it his goal to produce such wonderful devices himself. This dream is expressed in the Pioneer philosophy "Move the Heart and Touch the Soul," which has guided the company through changing times over the decades since our founding. The company now plays a very major role in the development of interactive cable TV, automotive CD player, detachable face car stereo, Supertuner technology, DVD players and Organic LED display.


In 1938, Fukuin Shokai Denki Seisakusho was founded in Tokyo. In the year 1961, the company changed its name to Pioneer Electronic Corporation. Since then, Pioneer has always offered products at the forefront of the times. In 1962, it introduced the world’s first separate stereo system. In 1975, it introduced the world’s first component car stereo. After two years, Hi-Fi speaker HPM-100 was introduced. In the year 1978, the company introduced the SX-1980 receiver, Pioneer's most powerful receiver manufactured to date. In 1982, it introduced the CD player and in 1984, it released the world’s first car CD player. In the year 1996, it introduced DVD/CD player and the world’s first DVD/LD/CD compatible player for home use. By the end of the 21st century, the company changed its name to Pioneer Corporation.


In 2006, Kaneo Ito and Kanye Matsumoto left their posts to take responsibility of the recent poor performance of the maker of DVD recorders and plasma TVs. Takehiko Sudo was appointed the new president by the board of directors. Later that year, the company closed its car audio division in Singapore. In 2009, Pioneer moved its head office from Tokyo to Kawasaki. After three years, Pioneer officially launched the XDJ-AERO, its first wireless DJ system that played music from smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi. In September 2014, Pioneer agreed to sell Pioneer Home Electronics to Onkyo, and in March 2015, the company sold its disc-jockey equipment business to private equity firm KKR Corporation for about $550 million.

Pioneer Home Entertainment

"Now make your home an ultimate entertainment destination."

Thus, Pioneer's products, which incorporate the latest technology and unique ideas, are renowned for their functionality and ease of use, and are the first choice for many customers worldwide.Pioneer Audio focus on providing high quality audio to its customer


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