Portable projectors are convenient on-the-go solution and are becoming more advanced every day. Practical uses include classic presentations such as PowerPoint and multimedia presentations including videos and sound. Enjoy pictures, videos, and browsing the internet from a large projection rather than a small display screen. Portable projectors are now exploring the realm beyond presentation, including gaming, 3D and mobile device integration.
LG PW1510G Portable Projector - Jamsticks
LG PW1000G Portable Projector - Jamsticks
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Epson EB 965H Portable Projector - Jamsticks
Epson EB 965H Portable Projector ₹66,399 ₹71,699
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Epson EB-945H Portable Projector - Jamsticks
Epson EB-945H Portable Projector ₹66,399 ₹68,384