Yamaha Soavo-900M Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

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  • Yamaha Soavo-900M Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Jamsticks

Yamaha Soavo-900M Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

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  • Yamaha Soavo-900M Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

    Product Description

    Soavo-900M Bookshelf Speaker

    Designed to provide Yamaha's high standard of Natural Sound with all types of sources, these high quality surround speakers are the best match in terms of sound and design for the Soavo-1.

    • Yamaha‚¬„s exclusive Advanced PMD woofers
    • 3cm (1‚¬?) aluminium dome DC-Diaphragm tweeter
    • Diecast aluminium frames
    • Edge-wound ribbon wire voice coil
    • Spider by Kurt Müller
    • Non-parallel surfaces
    • Three-way mitered-joint construction for a rigid body
    • Birch cabinet with open-pore finish
    • Independent direct crossover connection
    • Highest quality parts including Solen capacitor


    Soavo Concept: Delivering Natural Sound

    At Yamaha, we love, understand and respect music. We‚¬„re sure that you love music, too, and that when you listen to it, you want it to sound as natural as possible. We believe that ‚¬œnatural sound‚¬? is the original sound of musical instruments, and of the human voice, so they should be reproduced with nothing added or taken away. Giving you this beautiful music experience is the reason we created the Soavo Series. Listen to Soavo, and discover how truly natural music from a speaker can be. The Soavo-900M and Soavo-900C release this potential. A multi-channel system consisting of Soavo Series speakers will fill the listening environment and reproduce the sound field as it was meant to be heard. The speakers‚¬„ design and build quality ensures that every note is reproduced in perfect detail, which makes them perfect for both multi-channel music and multichannel home theatre.

    A-PMD Woofer

    Yamaha‚¬„s exclusive A-PMD (Advanced Polymer-injected Mica Diaphragm) cones are extremely light and stiff thanks to the use of a low specific gravity material called PMP (Poly-Methyl-Pentene) that is much lighter than either paper or polypropelene. It provides very fast response time (sound rise and fall), as well as excellent midrange clarity and bass response. Outstanding internal loss characteristics decrease unwanted resonances to achieve the smooth frequency response that results in natural sounding vocals. The base resin mix of mica and talc has been perfected by Yamaha over long years of development and testing, and also contributes to the beautiful quality of sounds in the vocal range.

    Aluminium Dome, DC-Diaphragm Tweeter

    The high-performance 3cm (1‚¬?) tweeter features a dome made of aluminium, with Yamaha‚¬„s DC-Diaphragm that integrates the diaphragm and voice coil. It is extremely light yet durable, and transmits large amounts of sound information (highly detailed sound) for a denser sound field.
    The neodymium magnet is compact yet powerful. You‚¬„ll enjoy highs that are crisp and clear at all power levels.

    Selected High Performance Parts

    The edgewise-wound ribbon wire voice coil contributes to high resolution, exceptional sound detail and excellent imaging. The spider is a high performance model made by Kurt Müller of Germany. Diecast aluminum frames ensure solid support for high stiffness, improving sound image localization and depth reproduction.

    Innovative Cabinet Design

    One of the keys to Soavo‚¬„s ability to deliver Natural Sound music reproduction is the cabinet design. While maximizing sound clarity and imaging, the designers strived to drastically reduce internal standing waves and produce an expansive sound with an exceptional feeling of depth. Their solution was to create a cabinet with non-parallel sides.

    Three-Way Mitered-Joint Construction for a Rigid body

    Yamaha‚¬„s excellence in woodworking is used to good advantage in the three-way mitered construction of the cabinet joints.
    This technique ensures extremely tight joints so the entire cabinet behaves as a single unit, providing tight bass reproduction.

    Tweeter Plate

    Without plate vs. with plate

    A diecast aluminium tweeter plate isolates the tweeter from cabinet vibration and provides a solid attachment for the tweeter unit, preventing unwanted movement, so the high range sound is clear and transparent, with no colouration.

    Birch Veneer Cabinet with Open-Pore Finish

    Birch is an acoustically excellent material that is used in Yamaha pianos.
    Yamaha‚¬„s long decades of woodworking expertise have confirmed the superior performance of birch veneer for speaker cabinets, particularly in the shading of bass sounds.
    The cabinet is given the same luxurious and environmentally friendly open-pore finish used on Yamaha‚¬„s finest wood-grain pianos.

    Independent Direct Crossover Connections

    Woofer crossover network (left), Solen metalized polypropylene capacitors (centre) and large ironcore coil (right)

    Yamaha‚¬„s scrupulous attention to the sound of Soavo-1 is seen in the design of the network circuit.
    It uses the highest quality parts, including Solen metalised polypropylene capacitors and large iron-core coil with carefully selected wire.
    Furthermore, these parts are connected by directly soldering each one individually, instead of using printed circuit boards.
    This contributes to the speaker‚¬„s rich and vivid sound.


    Type 2-Way Bass-Reflex Speaker System
    Woofers 13cm (5‚¬?) Advanced PMD cone
    Tweeter 3cm (1‚¬?) aluminium dome
    Frequency Response 56 Hz-50 kHz (-10 dB)
    Nominal Input Power 30 W
    Maximum Input Power 120 W
    Sensitivity 87 dB/2.83 V/1 m
    Crossover Frequencies 3 kHz
    Impedance 6 ohms
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 220 x 349 x 237 mm; 8-11/16‚¬? x 13-3/4‚¬? x 9-5/16‚¬?
    Weight 6 kg; 13.2 lbs./unit

    All eligible company warranty and service support is being provided on Yamaha Soavo-900M Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)