Wharfedale PACIFIC C170 In-Ceiling Speaker

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  • Wharfedale PACIFIC C170 In-Ceiling Speaker - Jamsticks

Wharfedale PACIFIC C170 In-Ceiling Speaker

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  • Wharfedale PACIFIC C170 In-Ceiling Speaker

    Product Description

    PACIFIC C170 In-Ceiling Speaker


    Whether your preference is for two channel stereo or full, multichannel home theatre, the pacific Architectural Series excels. Bass cones formed of cross-woven Kevlar fibres are both strong and light for fast dynamic attack and a tight tuneful bass.

    The tweeter units are ferrofluid colled, soft dome units capable of a high frequency extension beyond 25kHz and well above audible range. The tweeter level can be attenuated by up to 6dB to achieve the perfect sound balance with an even response throughout the frequency spectrum.

    Distortion is incredibly low, due to the high flux density of the magnets and the inherent damping of the Kevlar. Each drive unit displays textbook rise and fall times, responding instantly to the audio signal. A factor often overlooked, but incredibly important, especially in architectural installations, is the dispertion characteristics of a speaker. Whilst many loudspeakers produce a narrow beam of sound (especially at higher frequencies), the Pacific radiates sound evenly over a wide area to provide a constant sound field.

    The C170 is an in-ceiling speaker, created to integrate the convenience and quality of modern hi-fidelity audio reproduction with the style and cleanliness of interior design without comprimise to either. The series connects rooms with a seamless flow of music, unfettered by clumsy cabling or intrusive boxes.

    The Pacific C170 features a 150mm kevlar bass driver and a 25mm ball mounted, ferrofluid cooled neodynium tweeter which can be adjusted as desired. Both drive units are adjustable to -3dB, 0 or +3dB via a front mounted switch. This enables a good, even frequency response to be achieved regardless of environment.

    The speaker is supplied in 'Raddison' white, but the surround and aluminium gauze can be painted any colour to blend perfectly into any domestic or commercial environment. Templates for painting are supplied. An 'anti-moisture' rot-proof gauze backs the main aluminium gauze for additional protection.


    System Description 2-way in-celing with co-axial concentric adjustable tweeter
    Nominal Impedance 4 / 6 / 8 Ohms
    Recommended Amp. Power 5 - 80 Watts
    Sensitivity (1W@1m) 90 dB
    Frequency Response 60Hz - 20kHz
    Tweeter 25 mm soft dome
    Inputs Spring-loaded terminal
    Dimensions (mm) 250 circular x 102 deep
    Weight 4.9kg / 10.8 lbs

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