Tune 4

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  • Tune 4 - Jamsticks

Tune 4

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  • Tune 4 - Active speakers with maximum flexibility

    TUNE  4 is an active compact speaker system with a focus on performance and convenience. To achieve this, the amplifier is integrated in the speaker itself, making the TUNE 4 very flexible and easy to manage. The amplifier offers all the inputs you need; an analogue input, a digital input and also the latest used Bluetooth™ 4.0 with AptX® technology, providing versatile wireless streaming and CD quality sound. Furthermore, the Tune 4 comes with Apps for PC and mobile devices that optimize the frequency and impulse response to further optimize the sound. It also offers 6 presets to customize the sound to your preference.



    With a power rating of 2 x 50W, the amplifier of this active speaker has good headroom to easily supply the drivers and ensure high dynamics. The silk dome tweeter of the Tune 4 is designed as a waveguide, resulting in a more controlled dispersion characteristic, higher efficiency and less distortion. The midrange driver is running as a special C-Cone chassis with a very strong magnet to enable maximum accuracy. In conjunction with the tweeter it provides a very good transient response and thus a very precise sound and great soundstage.


    Sound Tuning

    The Tune 4 has far-reaching sound customization possibilities. There is a free Dirac Audio Processor DSP software, which further improves the transient response of the loudspeaker for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. The software provides 6 DSP curves to adjust the sound to the room and to personal taste (DSP correction is done at the source device and not in the Tune 4). With the accompanying plug for bass reflex tube moreover, the bass characteristics can be adjusted.



    The housing of the Tune 4 is provided with a plurality of reinforcements made of MDF, whereby a high stability and low internal resonances can be achieved. The loudspeaker has an inclined baffle for optimized sound distribution and desktop use. The drivers are attached from the inside of the speaker to provide a clean look without any exterior surface disturbing elements. Due to the off-center position of the tweeter, edge dispersions are avoided. When used at ear level, the Tune 4 can be placed in an upright position with an extra foot which is supplied.



    The Tune 4 is available both in matte black and matte white and thus is easy to integrate in any surrounding. Both paints are applied in several layers and then polished to achieve a perfect finish. The slightly rounded edges of the housing further enhance this effect.



    The generously executed connection terminal of the master box allows connection via Bluetooth ™ (4.0 with aptX®) or connection using either an analogue cable (3.5 mm jack) or digital cable (S / PDIF, optical). In addition to the inputs the terminal includes also gold plated terminal screws (connection to slave box), a subwoofer output (RCA) and a USB charging port (DC 5V, 250mA).



    Construction Type:

    2-way Active-Speaker

    Tweeter driver:

    1x 19mm (¾") dome tweeter (Multi-coated in Waveguide design)

    Midrange / Woofer driver:

    1x 120 mm (4") cone driver (Multi-layer C-Cone)

    Frequency Response:

    52 - 30.000 Hz (+/- 3dB)

    Nominal impedance:

    4 - 8 Ohm

    Connection Master-Box (input):

    Analog (3.5 mm jack), digital (S / PDIF, optical), Bluetooth ™ (4.0 with aptX®)

    Connection Master-Box (output):

    gold plated screw terminals (Connection to slave box), subwoofer output (RCA), USB charging port (DC 5V, 1A)


    Bassreflex / Sealed, 6 DSP EQ curves through Dirac Audio Processor DSP software (Free for iOS, Android) (Windows, OS X is optional)


    140 x 252 x 180mm (W x H x D) / 5.6 x 10 x 7.2"


    6,6 kg / 14.5 lbs (Pair)


    matte black, matte white


    5 years (Electronic: 2 years)


    1 pair

    Enclosed accessories:

    2,5mm² speaker cables with banana plugs (3m), optical cable (2m), 3.5mm jack cable (1m), power cable (1.5 m), all-aluminum remote control