Taga Harmony TCW-80R

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  • Taga Harmony TCW-80R - Jamsticks

Taga Harmony TCW-80R

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  • Taga Harmony TCW-80R

    The TCW series provides superior sound performance at amazing price levels.
    It utilizes very rigid and strong injection-molded polymer chassis which minimizes distortion, vibrations and resonances and specialized mounting brackets that make installation very easy.
    The speakers can be used in audio and home theatre systems as well as in commercial applications.

    Nowadays the expectation from modern installations speakers is not only the great sound but perfect aesthetics at the same time. With the TCW series you have both!
    The sound is clear, natural, dynamic and provides wide dispersion throughout a listening area, and thanks to slim bezels you are hard to see speakers mounted in the wall or ceiling! 

    Thanks to a full-range driver used in the TCW-80R the cabinet is very slim and the speaker occupies a very small footprint but still provides superior sound performance.

    Design In-ceiling, full-range

    Reduced bezel
    TEI mounting bracket
    TIMPC enclosure
    TEC binding posts
    Power handling 40W MAX
    30W RMS
    Frequency response 80Hz - 20kHz
    Impedance 8ohm
    Sensitivity 90dB
    High-frequency driver Full-range driver 
    76 mm (3”), polypropylene
    Dimensions (H x W x D or Dia x D) 10 x 5.2 cm
    Cutout Dimensions (H x W or Dia) 8.8 cm
    Minimum Mounting Depth 5.5 cm
    Weight 0.4 kg / pc