Rega Planar 3/ElYS 2 Turntable

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  • Rega Planar 3/ElYS 2 Turntable - Jamsticks

Rega Planar 3/ElYS 2 Turntable

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  • Rega Planar 3/ElYS 2 Turntable


    Product Description


    The new Planar 3 is truly anew turntable for 2016 carrying over just two components fromthe previousmodel. The features are:

    RB330tonearm- Designed using the latest 3D CAD & CAM technology, the newRB330is the culmination of more than 35years oftonearmdesign experience.Featuring a brand new bearing housing, andour latesttonearm tubedesigned usingintelligent redistribution of mass ensure this arm will exhibit fewer points of possible resonance. Extreme stability with almost friction free movement from the new high precision bearing assemblies guarantees to gather more information from your vinyl than ever before.

    • Featuring anew bias assembly, re-designed stiffer vertical bearing housing, integrated
      arm clip and animproved spring housing with easier to read numbers.
    • Rega made,new low capacitancephonocable withNeutrikplugs,
    • Improved lower friction, precision horizontal and vertical bearings
    • New design100gmild steel balance weight.

    Plinth - High gloss acrylic, laminated plinth, stiffer and vastly improved appearance, ergonomically positioned power switch.Two plinth finishes at launch: gloss black & gloss white

    Double braces - Improved thicker3mm phenolic bottom brace and new metalisedskin phenolic top brace.

    Bearing housing - Re-designed brass main hub central bearing, improved fit and construction reducing stress on the bearing itself.

    Sub platter-Re-designed sub platter, improved accuracy and improved stiffness.

    Platter - New float glass ‚Optiwhite ,polished rim12mm‚ Improved accuracy in manufacture and stunning looks.

    Re-designed foot- New improved footto increase stability and reduce vibration transfer.

    24V motor - Improved new motor controlPCB with integration for the addition of TT-PSUfor electronic speed change and improved advanced anti-vibration circuit(sold separately).

    Motor cover tray with integrated cooling.



    Rega has pioneered the use of lightweight rigid plinths. Clever use of lightweight particulate core with a highly rigid phenolic resin skin became the foundations of the high level of performance achieved by the now iconic original Planar range.

    The new Planar 3takes this design philosophy to the next level. A lightweight acrylic laminated plinth strengthenedusing a newimproveddouble brace system mounted specifically where the increased rigidity is required (between the tonearm mounting and the main hub bearing) which forms a structurally sound "stressed beam" assembly. This rigid plinth design prevents energy absorption and unwanted resonance, which will add unnatural distortions to the music.

    Equally, heavier mass can transfer more unwanted energy, such as motor or bearing noise directly into the rotating record. The use of braces instead of the complete skin allows double thickness phenolic resin in these key areas while providing further weight reduction to the plinth which directly addresses the issue of mass absorption and unwanted energy transmission.

    Hand assembled RB330tonearm.
    24v low noise motor / 12mm float glass platter.
    Lightweight double braced plinth.
    Precision main bearing.
    Factory fitted Elys2MMcartridge (optional).
    Compatible with the TT-PSU electronic speed change and power supply box (optional).

    • Dimensions- (lid closed) H 11.7 x W 44.7 x D 36 cm
    • Weight- 6kg


    All eligible company warranty and service support is being provided on Rega Planar 3/ElYS 2 Turntable