PS Audio sprout Stereo Integrated Amplifier

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  • PS Audio sprout Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Jamsticks

PS Audio sprout Stereo Integrated Amplifier

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  • PS Audio sprout Stereo Integrated Amplifier

    Product Description


    Sprout is the culmination of PS Audio‚¬„s 42 years‚¬„ experience building concert quality audio products. We hand selected the best parts of that rich history and put it into a single, simple, easy-to-use personal music system. It‚¬„s everything you need. Nothing you don‚¬„t. Just add speakers or headphones, and music‚¬?so close to live‚¬?will fill your whole home. It‚¬„s nothing short of magical. Sprout is the link between your music and your speakers. Sprout is the size of a big novel, yet it will fill your living room, bedroom or any room with enormous, live sound. Sprout is designed down to the very atom. Constructed of stainless steel, extruded aluminum, and walnut, this is not audio equipment. It‚¬„s audio furniture.

    • Full featured integrated amplifier
    • 50 watts per channel power amplifier
    • Drives any size loudspeaker
    • Analog preamplifier
    • 192/24 high end fully asynchronous DAC
    • Passive EQ moving magnet phono preamplifier
    • Low output impedance headphone amplifier
    • Coaxial digital input
    • USB input
    • Analog Input
    • Built in Bluetooth receiver uses Sprout‚¬„s internal asynchronous DAC
    • True analog stepped volume control
    • Analog input selector for all inputs
    • Headphone output 16¦ 500mW, 300¦ 425mW (drives all headphones)
    • Analog output: variable 3.5mm line, for subwoofer or otherwise
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted) >90dB
    • THD <0.025% at normal listening level



    Unit Weight 2.9 lbs
    Unit Dimensions 6‚¬? x 8‚¬? x 1.75‚¬?
    Shipping Weight 5 lbs
    Shipping Dimensions 22.5‚¬?x 13‚¬? x 6‚¬? [57cm x 33cm x 15cm]

    Power requirements

    Input Power Model specific 120VAC, or 230VAC 50 or 60Hz
    Power Consumption <10W idle, 125W maximum

    Phono Audio Input

    Connector RCA (X2)
    Cartridge type Moving Magnet
    Cartridge Output (5cm/s) 2mV to 50mV
    Cartridge load impedance 47K¦(100pF)
    Equivalent Input Noise <1.6uV
    S/N ratio >80dB (@analog output, ref 4VRMS maximum output)

    Analog Audio Inputs

    Connector 3.5mm stereo input
    Input level 2.0VRMS (+6dBV)
    Input impedance 10K¦

    Analog Audio Output

    Connector 3.5mm stereo connector can be used for subwoofer or amplifier feeds
    Output level, nominal
    (@ rated cartridge input)
    1.0V (0dBV) with 5mV cartridge at reference level (volume at 100%)
    Output level, maximum 4.0VRMS (+12dBV) maximum, Full scale digital or vinyl at +12dB over reference (volume at 100%)
    Output Impedance 220¦
    S/N ratio >94dB (@analog output, ref 4VRMS maximum output)
    THD (power amp) <0.03% (1W 50Hz-10KHz)
    <0.1% at rated power, 1KHz, 120VAC mains

    S/PDIF Digital Input

    Connector RCA (Coax)
    Impedance 75¦
    Format PCM

    USB Input

    Connector USB ‚¬œB‚¬? Type
    Format PCM
    Transfer mode Asynchronous
    S/N ratio digital >102dB (@analog output, ref 4VRMS maximum output)


    Antenna Built in
    DAC Uses Sprout's built in asynchronous DAC over S/PDIF

    Stereo Power Amplifier Output

    8¦ loudspeakers connected 32 watts per channel, both channels driven
    4¦ loudspeakers connected 50 watts per channel, both channels driven

    Headphone Output Power

    16¦ headphones 1W (1KHz, 1% THD)
    300¦ headphones connected 200mW (1KHz, <0.03% THD)

    Headphone Output Impedance

    From 10Hz to 10kHz <0.3 Ohm

    All eligible company warranty and service support is being provided on PS Audio sprout Stereo Integrated Amplifier