Paradigm Surround 3 Surround speakers

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Paradigm Surround 3 Surround speakers

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  • The Paradigm Monitor Surround 3 is a great example of the right approach to speaker design. It uses a similar bass/mid driver as found in the Monitor 7 design and shares the same spider and voice coil former as found in the more expensive Monitor 9. The same approach applies to the Tweeter. The two 25 mm Dome Tweeters used in the Surround 3 are identical in every respect to the Tweeter used in the Monitor 9. In fact, all the products in the Monitor series utilize this same Tweeter design which significantly contributes to cost-efficiencies at manufacturing level.

    As soon as you see the Surround 3, you will see that Paradigm takes surround sound speaker design seriously. This Canadian designed surround speaker is a bi-directional radiator with the sound being delivered to both sides, creating a superb wide and open surround sound effect. The Surround 3's are well constructed and come complete with heavy duty gold-plated speaker wire binding posts. They should be aligned at either side of your main listening position. You will love how their sound field will wrap around the back of your room.

    Key Features

    Design: 4-driver, 2-way bi-directional surround/rear
    Crossover: 2nd-order electro-acoustic at 2.3 kHz
    High-Frequency Drivers: Two 25mm (1") S-PAL™ dome tweeters, ferro-fluid cooled and damped
    Bass / Midrange Drivers: Two 140mm (5-1/2") S-PAL™ cones, 25-mm (1") voice-coils, oversize ceramic / ferrite magnets, GRIP™ chassis
    Low-Frequency Extension*: 53 Hz (DIN)
    Frequency Response: ±2 dB from 90 Hz - 20 kHz (bi-directional soundfield)
    Sensitivity - Room / Anechoic: 90 dB / 87 dB
    Suitable Amplifier Power Range: 15 - 175 Watts
    Maximum Input Power: 120 Watts RMS clean power for short periods
    Impedance: Compatible with 8 Ohms
    Dimensions (HxWxD): 270 x 330 x 168 mm
    Weight (unpacked): 6.32 kg each
    Finishes: Black
    Designed in Canada
    Warranty: 5-Years (Conditional)