Marantz PM-14S1 Special Edition Integrated Amplifier

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  • Marantz PM-14S1 Special Edition Integrated Amplifier - Jamsticks

Marantz PM-14S1 Special Edition Integrated Amplifier

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  • Marantz PM14S1 Reference Integrated Amplifier Special Edition


    Product Description:


    New Premium Products from Marantz pm14s1 amplifier are always reason for the audiophile community to celebrate. And the new 14 Series Special Edition thrusts the audio experience to new levels – because this Special Edition has been lovingly fi ne-tuned and passionately optimized for High Resolution fi les: marking the new era in music adoration. Available in black or champagne colour, the new 14 Series Special Edition is the epitome of extreme quality and is, quite simply, a masterpiece. As you would expect from such an elite amp, it includes exceptional quality components such as Toroidal transformer and subsystems throughout its construction. The heavy 5mm thick aluminum top lid and highly rigid feet minimize vibration to guarantee purest audio signal treatment. In addition, it incorporates improved customized components, Marantz own developed HDAMs and the use of a more efficient electrical signal path. These elevate the audio quality to an even more sublime level. The PM-Marantz pm14s1 amplifier Special Edition comes with a remote controller, which features a stylish black anodized aluminum top, and which can also control the Marantz pm14s1 amplifier Special Edition Player. The final touch of elegance is supplied by the special Marantz-made solid copper speaker terminals, for effortless and powerful signaling to your loudspeakers. This is luxury to the extreme.
    Marantz HDAM Technology
    Featuring discrete circuit components, as opposed to an integrated circuit, our exclusive HDAM technology preserves analogue signal purity, delivering wide band audio with expansive dynamic range along with an inaudible noise floor. A total of 24 HDAM SA2 and SA3 units are employed in the phono, line level, headphone output, pre-amp and power amp stages.
    Fully Discrete High Current Amplifier Stages
    For compatibility with the widest range of speaker impedances, the power amplifier stages feature high current power output devices, and for maximum channel separation, each amplifier stage features segregated circuitry along with individual massive extruded aluminum alloy heat sinks with a large effective radiating area that provide fan-less and noise-less heat dissipation. The amplifier is rated at 90 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 140 watts per channel into 4 ohms, assuring high stability and wide dynamic range, even with lower impedance speakers.

    Rigid chassis, thick Aluminum top cover and heavy feet
    It is all about creating a good foundation before starting to take care of the processing and amplification of sensitive audio signals. With a solid base, we ensure that vibration will be kept to a minimum not influencing the audio signal by microphonic effects to keep it unaltered.

    Multiple Analogue Inputs and Outputs
    In addition to the phono and CD analogue inputs, there are two additional line level inputs, and two pairs of recorder input/output jacks that together let you connect multiple sources and recorders. There's also a power amp direct input that lets you use the Marantz pm14s1 amplifier Special Edition as a standalone stereo power amplifier for additional system configuration versatility, along with stereo pre-amp outputs that let you connect the PM-14S1 Special Edition to an external power amplifier

    Dedicated Headphone Output
    Employing our exclusive HDAM discrete modules, the headphone circuit delivers superb audio fidelity with the widest range of headphone types and impedances, including low impedance headphones.

    Gold Plated Connectors
    The analogue inputs and outputs connectors are gold plated for optimum signal transfer and long term stability.

    Customized Speaker terminals
    The carefully treated and amplified audio signal will get handed over to the connected speaker cables through customized speaker terminals made out of pure copper. The perfect transmission chain will preserve every note.

    Source Direct Mode
    For the purest audio fidelity, the PM-14S1 Special Edition is equipped with Source Direct function, which bypasses unneeded audio circuits for the most straight-through signal path.

    System Remote Control
    The elegant remote control can also be used to control the matching SA-14S1 Special Edition Super Audio CD Player, and the PM-14S1 Special Edition features remote control input and output jacks for additional remote control configuration flexibility.


    • 90 watts x 2 channels into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.05% THD
    • 140 watts x 2 channels into 4 ohms (20-20,000 Hz)
    • current feedback amplification circuit for accurate, natural sound at all volume levels
    • Marantz's Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module (HDAM-SA3) offers exquisite detail and dynamic range while reducing noise
    • frequency response: 5-100,000 Hz (±3dB)
    • signal-to-noise ratio: 106dB line, 86dB phono (MM), 75dB phono (MC)
    • massive toroidal transformer wound with oxygen-free copper
    • rigid chassis with double-bottom plate and aluminum die-cast feet to minimize vibration
    • 6 RCA audio inputs (includes phono input for moving magnet and moving coil cartridges)
    • phono section features constant current feedback gain stage for flawless musical reproduction from your vinyl recordings
    • Power Amp Direct inputs for use with a separate preamp or A/V receiver with Front L/R preamp outputs
    • stereo RCA preamp outputs
    • 2 sets of stereo RCA recording outputs
    • high-purity copper binding-post speaker connectors
    • biamp/stereo switch lets you biamp your speakers using two PM-14S1's for even higher-fidelity sound
    • full-size headphone output
    • remote control
    • detachable power cable
    • 17-5/16"W x 4-7/8"H x 18-11/16"D
    • weight: 40.8 lbs.


    Marantz PM14S1 Amplifier

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