Libratone Zipp BT Wireless Speaker

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  • Libratone Zipp BT Wireless Speaker - Jamsticks

Libratone Zipp BT Wireless Speaker

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  • Libratone Zipp BT Wireless Speaker

    Product Description

    Product Description:

    It sounds gorgeous. The Zipp BT easily fills the room with subtle and refined detail, delivering each note of a song with a lively, agile rhythm. Timing is precise, and the fluid dynamics ensure your attention is drawn to the music.

    Open and expressive, the Zipp BT is a lesson in how to deliver a big, uniform distribution of sound. Libratone‚¬„s ‚¬˜FullRoom‚¬„ technology (which uses a 10cm-bass driver, a pair of ribbon tweeters and the cylindrical design to spread sound evenly) works admirably.

    There are layers of detail, and voices are nuanced, direct and full of character. Corey Taylor‚¬„s gravelly tones on Bother are subtle, as are the The Unthanks‚¬„ haunting vocals. Libratone never allows the open top end to sound too bright, and the bass is never out of shape. The smooth presentation makes it easy on the ears ‚¬œ and forgiving of low-res audio files.

    It‚¬„s this easy-going, fuss-free character that‚¬„s at the centre of the Zipp‚¬„s appeal. Some rivals add a little more bass authority or a bit more attack, but we‚¬„re more than happy with the Libratone‚¬„s nicely balanced nature. There's decent weight underpinning songs, although some may want more aggression when listening to Nirvana or Eminem.


    he Zipp BT has a long list of streaming features: AirPlay, DLNA and Libratone‚¬„s own ‚¬˜PlayDirect‚¬„ option, where you can connect directly to the Zipp‚¬„s wi-fi network if you‚¬„re not near a router. The newest addition to this list is aptX Bluetooth.

    Pairing is fast and simple. There‚¬„s also the option of plugging in to a 3.5mm input or USB port (which will also charge your smartphone). Other new features are NFC and Spotify Connect.

    The Zipp BT‚¬„s battery life is relatively poor: a wired connection from your phone/tablet gets you up to eight hours, but turn on Bluetooth and stream wirelessly and you'll only get four hours on a single charge. It‚¬„s a paltry offering, especially next to some rivals.

    All eligible company warranty and service support is being provided on Libratone Zipp BT Wireless Speaker