Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player

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Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player

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  • Dune HD Real Vision 4K

    RTD1619DR media processor

        The newest RTD1619DR media processor is the most advanced and the most powerful media processor from Realtek with Dolby Vision support.

    Dolby Vision and HDR10+

        The media player supports not only HDR technology (supported by the previous generation of media players), but also the most latest and advanced Dolby Vision and HDR10+ technologies. In conventional HDR technology, the brightness range is set at the beginning of the film and does not change during the film, so completely dark and completely bright scenes may have insufficient detail. In the latest Dolby Vision and HDR10+ technologies, the brightness range can vary from frame to frame, so the maximum picture detail is provided even in scenes that contain only dark or only light elements.

    Dolby Vision VS10 video processor

        The advanced Dolby Vision VS10 video processing engine ensures maximum image quality when playing any type of content (SDR, HDR, Dolby Vision) with any type of video output signal (SDR, HDR, Dolby Vision), improves the SDR/HDR/Dolby Vision conversion quality, minimizes the effect of "posterization" ("banding") due to more advanced 12-bit video processing. This gives benefits even when using the media player with older TVs that do not support Dolby Vision.

    Playback of Dolby Vision Blu-ray images

        The media player supports direct playback of full Blu-ray disc images (BMDV and ISO) in Dolby Vision format (MEL and FEL), even when using full Blu-ray menu. The extended Dolby Vision information is used and transmitted to the TV to improve the picture quality. This is possible due to the unique video playback and output engine created by Dune HD. Other RTD1619DR-based media players do not support this. Dune HD media players are the only hybrid network media players in the world that combine support for Dolby Vision Blu-ray disc images with support for Internet video services and Android applications in one device.

    Widest support for Dolby Vision file formats

        Dolby Vision is supported for all popular file formats (BDMV, BD ISO, MKV, MP4, TS, M2TS). All popular Dolby Vision profiles (P4, P5, P7 MEL and FEL, P8) are supported. The media player supports the largest number of variations of Dolby Vision file formats of any other media player.

    Dune HD Dolby Vision Purifier

        This technology, unique to Dune HD media players, optimizes Dolby Vision files on the fly for maximum compatibility with the Realtek RTD1619DR media processor. This helps to ensure the most stable playback, including incorrectly encoded files (which often cause freezes, stuttering, sound out of sync on other media players).

    VP9 profile 2 and YouTube 4K HDR support

        The media player supports not only the old VP9 video codec (which does not support HDR), but also the newest VP9 profile 2, which supports HDR and which is used in YouTube for 4K HDR content.

    +77% faster CPU

        The media player has a 6-core ARM A55 CPU – which is +77% faster than 4-core ARM A53 used in the previous generation media players.

    +50% faster GPU

        The media player has the new GPU Mali-G51 – which is +50% faster than Mali T-820 used in the previous generation media players.

    Android 9

        For Android applications, the media player uses a modern Android version 9.0. This provides improved support for the newest Android apps.

    Bluetooth 5.0

        The media player uses the new Bluetooth version 5.0 (the previous generation media players were using version 4.x).

    IR input port and IR extender

        The IR input port allows connecting an IR extender, which improves player installation flexibility. IR extender is included.


    Media processor: Realtek RTD1619DR

    Operating memory: 2 GB

    Flash memory: 16 GB

    Wi-Fi: Dual Band 2.4+5 GHz 802.11b/g/n/ac 2T2R, two external Wi-Fi antennas

    Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

    Casing: metal

    Front panel display: multi-segment LED display HH:MM

    Power supply: external, DC 12V (2A), AC 100-240V

    Dimensions (W x H x D): 160mm x 26mm x 115mm

    OS: Linux-based Dune HD OS + Android 9.0


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