Cambridge Audio Minx X301 300W RMS Compact Powered Subwoofer

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  • Cambridge Audio Minx X301 300W RMS Compact Powered Subwoofer - Jamsticks

Cambridge Audio Minx X301 300W RMS Compact Powered Subwoofer

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  • Cambridge Audio Minx X301 300W RMS Compact Powered Subwoofer

    Product Description


    A sub for bass lovers

    High-powered rock concerts, soulful jazz tunes, rumbling action flicks ‚¬? the Cambridge Audio Minx X301 can handle all of it, and more. It delivers true home theater thunder thanks to a powerful 300-watt built in amplifier. And it's carefully engineered to deliver audiophile-quality bass, so you can experience the visceral impact of big bass drums and baritone saxophones as if the instruments are being played right in front of you. Such room-filling performance might conjure images of a large, unwieldy subwoofer. But the X301 was designed with a surprisingly compact footprint ‚¬? it measures less than a cubic foot.

    Engineered with passion

    The Minx X301 uses a newly designed 8" forward firing driver made of a single piece of strong-but-lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum for amazing punch and attack. It's paired with a passive radiator that adds some serious mid-bass boost. Cambridge Audio's software engineers specially designed the sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in this sub, allowing it to pump out sensational bass from a compact enclosure. You may even be fooled into thinking the X301 is several times its size.

    Bespoke To Suit Any Room

    The Minx subwoofers offer complete rear panel control of ‚¬˜gain‚¬„, ‚¬˜phase‚¬„ and ‚¬˜crossover frequency‚¬„, unlike many other style subwoofers which give little or no adjustment in these areas. With these true hi-fi capabilities, regardless of your room‚¬„s shape and size Minx‚¬„s simple set-up adjustments ensure your system is perfectly customised for placement almost anywhere.


    300W Amp w/ DSP: The Cambridge Audio X301 powered subwoofer is equipped with a 300 watt (RMS) amplifier with digital signal processing. Cambridge Audio's software engineers have designed a sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to provide real-time control of equalization and dynamic range processing for the maximum possible performance while preventing drivers overloading or distorting. This allows the Minx X301 powered subwoofer to handle more power and play louder.

    8" Woofer + 8" Radiator: The Cambridge Audio X301 powered subwoofer uses a front-firing, one-piece, aerospace-grade aluminum 8" cone woofer powered by the built-in 300W amplifier and a down-firing one-piece, aerospace-grade aluminum 8" auxiliary bass radiator. The X301 powered subwoofer uses an ABR system rather than having either an enclosed box (which would require even more power) or a ported design (which would require a bigger cabinet). The result is an extremely efficient and powerful active subwoofer housed in a tiny cabinet.

    Controls: The Minx powered subwoofer offers complete rear-panel control of volume, crossover frequency, and phase.

    • Volume Control: The Cambridge Audio X301 powered subwoofer has a rear-panel rotary volume control to adjust the volume of the subwoofer relative to the other speakers in the system.
    • Crossover Frequency: The X301 powered subwoofer offers a continuously variable low-pass filter, adjustable from 50-200 Hz.
    • Phase Adjustment: The powered subwoofer's phase adjustment allows you to adjust the subwoofer's phase between 0° to 180°. If the bass sounds muddy or unclear, adjusting the phase control can sometimes strengthen the bass performance.

    Connections: The Cambridge Audio X301 powered subwoofer is fitted with stereo RCA inputs and outputs.

    • RCA Inputs: The powered subwoofer has gold plated left & right RCA line-level inputs for use with receivers having a subwoofer or stereo preamp output that do not contain their own low-pass crossover. The left channel RCA input doubles as the LFE input, if your receiver has an LFE output and a built-in low-pass crossover.
    • RCA Outputs: The powered subwoofer's gold-plated left & right RCA line-level outputs allow you to connect (daisy-chain) a second powered subwoofer.

    Auto On/Off: The X301's Auto On/Off feature will switch the powered subwoofer On and Off automatically by signal detection.

    Product Highlights:

    • 300-watt RMS amplifier
    • 8" front-firing woofer and an 8" bottom-firing passive radiator
    • single-piece, high-strength aerospace-grade aluminum cones move air with incredible efficiency
    • frequency response 31-200 Hz (-6dB)
    • continuously variable 50-200 Hz crossover
    • specially designed DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for big bass from a small enclosure
    • adjustable phase control
    • line-level/LFE subwoofer inputs and outputs
    • auto on/off mode
    • scratch-resistant high gloss lacquer finish
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 311 x 266 x 278mm (12.4 x 10.5 x 11.0")
    • weight: 7.5Kg (16.5 lbs).

    All eligible company warranty and service support is being provided on Cambridge Audio Minx X301 300W RMS Compact Powered Subwoofer