Cambridge Audio Minx TV Compact Plinth SoundBar

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  • Cambridge Audio Minx TV Compact Plinth SoundBar - Jamsticks

Cambridge Audio Minx TV Compact Plinth SoundBar

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  • Cambridge Audio Minx TV Compact Plinth

    Product Description


    "This Cambridge Audio soundbase ticks all the right boxes. It delivers a fantastic, exciting sound for a great budget price."What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision magazine, 5-star, group test winner.

    Big sound for your big screen, and Bluetooth streaming, all in one easy-setup box
    Too often, super-slim TV screens mean super-slim speakers, compromising sound quality. Your flat TV ends up sounding... flat. Minx TV is a simple, powerful one-box upgrade that gives your big screen oomph for action, clarity for dialogue and fidelity for music. And it streams Bluetooth audio too.

    One box, no clutter
    Cambridge Audio London-based engineering team thought long and hard about the best way to give your big screen the big sound it richly deserves. And they think they've cracked it with Minx TV.

    If you want a simple solution that avoids the clutter of surround sound speakers, Minx TV is hard to beat. Unlike soundbars, it delivers a punchy performance without the need for an external subwoofer, avoiding any extra clutter in your living room.

    The Minx BMR effect
    Using twin BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) drive units, the Minx TV gives pinpoint accuracy and is bursting with detail right up to high volume levels. BMR technology combines the advantages of both flat panel and conventional speakers, so that unlike some soundbars and bases, the Minx TV is truly dynamic and won't turn harsh when the music or film action gets intense. For added bass power, a downwards firing subwoofer negates the need for a separate subwoofer. The result is clean, punchy sound from TV, movies and music - just as you'd expect from Cambridge Audio, the masters of sound.

    100W amplification
    The 50W subwoofer plus two 25W channels for the BMR drivers adds up to a sound that is big enough to fill any room and match any big screen action.

    Bluetooth music streaming
    In addition to making your TV sound great, the Minx TV also offers easy Bluetooth music streaming. Simply pair your device and stream music from your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth-equipped laptop or desktop computer. Stream your music library or a music streaming service such as Spotify or and enjoy a massive range of music in Minx quality. A selectable 'Music' EQ mode ensures the speaker is ideally 'voiced' to sound its best.

    Simple to use
    Using the Minx TV is easy. Simply connect your TV by optical digital, 3.5mm or RCA phono sockets and you're ready to go.
    It even comes with all the cables you could need and a slender remote control to set volume, input and sound mode. It can also accept a second source, such as CD or DVD player. The simple remote control offers four EQ settings that are ideally tailored to match your listening source. It also commands quick pairing with your Bluetooth device, eight of which are remembered by the Sound base.

    The Cambridge Audio Minx TV is everything we want from a soundbase. Punchy, dynamic, clear and exciting - it improves upon flatscreen TV's tinny sound in every way.
    The Cambridge Audio Minx TV gets it right in its first try. It's an utterly engaging listen, delivering enthusiasm and subtlety in the same breath - you will definitely want this soundbase in your living room.

    Experience the Minx effect on your TV and you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

    Top reasons to buy Minx TV
    Minx TV delivers exceptional quality audio from practically any source... here are
    10 reasons to choose the Cambridge Audio Minx TV over other systems

    1) Listen to all of your music, wherever it is...
    Minx TV plays all of your music, wherever it
    is ‚¬œ smartphone, tablet or on a computer. By
    supporting digital and analogue audio inputs, as
    well as Bluetooth streaming, Minx TV isn‚¬„t tied to
    any type of TV or device ‚¬œ it can play music and
    movies from them all!
    2) No clutter
    Minx TV is an amazing upgrade to any flat panel TV. If you want a simple solution that avoids the clutter of surround sound speakers, Minx TV is the solution for you. Unlike soundbars, it delivers a punchy performance without the need for an external subwoofer, avoiding any extra clutter in your living room.
    3) Premium components
    To deliver the best possible sound, Minx TV uses a powerful 100W DSP driven amplifier to drive patented high quality BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) drive units. It even has an incredible 6.5‚¬„‚¬„ subwoofer!
    4) Streaming services, apps and music
    By pairing your device via Bluetooth, bring Minx TV‚¬„s stunning, superior audio quality to existing apps and streaming services via your smartphone, tablet or computer. Instantly and easily listen to popular services such as, Spotify or BBC iPlayer Radio all played back in stunning quality through Minx TV.
    5) Gaming
    If you play games on your TV, phone or tablet, you‚¬„ll know how lousy the sound can be. But now you can send the audio over to Minx TV and hear all the bangs, crashes and effects in the most amazing detail!
    6) Different sound modes
    There are 4 different sound modes (selectable fromthe remote control) that can be used to enhanceyour sound experience, depending on listeningmaterial and personal preference. Each soundmode subtly adjusts the EQ settings of the built-in100W amplifier to suit different listening.
    7) Crystal clear vocal
    The Voice sound mode is ideal for those that sitfar back from the TV or lack sensitive hearing,delivering a much clearer and far more detailedvocal soundtrack.
    8) Digital audio
    Minx TV features a Toslink optical input, allowing adirect digital signal to be taken from your TV. MinxTV processes the high quality digital audio signalfor a much better sound than you would normallyget from your TV‚¬„s built-in speakers. There‚¬„s evenan optical cable included!
    9) Eco-friendly
    Minx TV has an environmentally friendly AutoPower Down feature. To save power, Minx TV willautomatically turn off after 30 minutes if no soundis playing.
    10) Heavyweight performer
    Minx TV can support TVs up to 30kg (66lbs)in weight ‚¬œ far more than other TV speakersystems are able to support.


    Completely Compact

    Minx TV offers incredible sound in a small footprint. Designed to fit tight spaces, you‚¬„ll get cutting-edge tech in a beautifully compact package. And you won‚¬„t even need an external subwoofer.

    BMR® drivers

    Patented Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speaker drivers deliver a wider, more room-filling sound than similarly-sized traditional speakers ‚¬œ ideal for a one-box TV, movie and music system. Regular speakers, like you‚¬„ll find in TVs and sound bars, use a "pistonic" effect to move back and forward to create sound. Cambridge Audio's BMR speakers create sound by moving not just back and forward, but with horizontal and vertical vibration too, for a much wider sound.

    This unique speaker design disperses the sound better and makes for a larger ‚¬œsweet spot‚¬?; sit anywhere in the room and Minx TV still sounds great.

    Simple brilliance

    Simplicity is at the heart of Minx TV. Bluetooth streaming connects it to eight devices, creating a sound hub for all your entertainment. Easy to set up, it sits neatly under your flatscreen. Choose from three ways to connect to any TV audio - via optical, RCA or 3.5mm jack (cables included).

    Advanced engineering

    A downwards-firing subwoofer delivers incredible bass ‚¬œ balancing performance with compact design. It keeps your subwoofer safe from knocks ‚¬œ perfect if you have children or pets in the home.

    Professional sound

    Digital Signal Processing, developed for music and movie production, guarantees amazing sound. Movies and sports will sound fuller, crisper, louder ‚¬œ bringing your entertainment to life.

    Beautifully built

    Cambridge Audio have made sure the Minx TV is so strong it can support any TV that fits on its 490 x 300mm surface, up to 47-inches. Its composite wood cabinet minimises vibration and distortion ‚¬œ keeping sound pure.


    • Digital optical (TosLink)
    • RCA line level
    • 3.5mm headphone jack
    • Bluetooth wireless streaming - one button pairing, with up to 8 audio devices.
    4 different sound modes
    There are 4 different sound modes (selectable from the remote control) that can be used to enhance your sound experience, depending on listening material and personal preference. Each sound mode subtly adjusts the EQ settings of the built-in 100W amplifier to suit different listening.
    1. Voice: Enhancing voices to improve clarity, this setting is ideal for those that sit far back from the TV or lack sensitive hearing, delivering a clearer and more detailed vocal.
    2. Music: In this mode, use of the Center channel is more controlled to prevent narrowing of the front of the musical soundstage.
    3. Film: This mode reproduces a mid size cinema environment, and boosts effects and action sounds. Soundtracks and dialogue are separated, to make the soundtrack more
    4. TV: Takes mono or stereo TV soundtracks, and creates an immersive surround sound experience.
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