ZVOX Audio was founded in 2003 by industry veterans Tom Hannaher and George Samuels. Being an innovator has allowed ZVOX to survive and grow in a highly, highly competitive field .They are the little company that "inspires" the big companies.

In 2004 they introduced the ZVOX 315, a system CNET called the first commercially successful sound bar. In 2008 they came out with the ZVOX 550 - the world's first SoundBase style home theatre system. In 2012, responding to a growing crisis of incomprehensible TV dialogue, we introduced our AccuVoice feature -- which uses hearing aid technology to make voices clear, even at low volumes.

From the year 2016 they introduced a family of slim aluminium sound bars with built in subwoofers and introduced the first AccuVoice TV speaker that focused primarily on dialogue enhancement.