TAGA Harmony India


The European founders of the TAGA Harmony brand Mr. Kokocinski from Poland and Mr. Richard from Germany started their involvement in the audio business in the early years of 1990.

They found out that most speaker brands that boasted top sound performance, offered their products at extremely high prices, but they did not really provide good sound quality.

This prompted them to establish their own TAGA Harmony brand.


At the beginning the company was operating in the field of sound engineering services and audio products enhancement. Nowadays TAGA Harmony brand is offering high quality products for the hi-fi and audio-video market and is developing its worldwide activities in the high-end audio field through divisions located in Europe and Asia.

TAGA Harmony offers various types of products like High-end, hi-fi and home theater speakers, in-wall/in-ceiling and outdoor speakers, multimedia speakers, hi-fi electronics and accessories for speakers. TAGA Harmony loudspeakers and electronics can boast the finest music and home theater performance with great dispersion and spaciousness, a low bass and stunning dynamics, adding sonic accuracy, precise location and ultra-low distortions.

 The meaning of TAGA logo is To Achieve Glorious Acoustics and it says everything about the people behind the brand, their passion, devotion, philosophy and constant striving to perfection. It is TAGA Harmony’s DNA. It means that everything what TAGA Harmony designs, engineers or builds has one goal in mind:  to provide the best sound and joy to music lovers around the World. A strong basis for the logo was added: “HARMONY” to emphasize that on every step all products are created in harmony with nature.


Nowadays TAGA Harmony is developing its worldwide activities in the high-end audio field through divisions located in Europe and Asia.TAGA Harmony owns and operates an advanced production facility which consists of modern R&D department and production lines with independent quality inspection checkpoints. That is why almost all TAGA Harmony products and used components are designed and manufactured in-house.

We implemented our newest concept .The outcome is amazing and results in even deeper, perfectly controlled and defined bass, more smooth and rich midrange and appealing, detailed and crystal clear highs as well as very open and airy soundstage.

“Born in Europe – Crafted for the World” -TAGA Harmony