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Philips is a Dutch company with Headquarters in Amsterdam. Their primary divisions are focused in the areas of electronics, healthcare and lighting. They are spread over 60 different countries, employing almost 105,000 people overall.


Gerard Philips and his father Frederik founded The Philips Company in 1891. Gerard’s younger brother Anton entered the establishment in 1895 when the company was near bankruptcy. Anton proved to be a very important asset to the company and soon thereafter Gerard and Anton together laid a strong foundation for The Philips Company.


In the wake of the second World War, the members of the Philips family moved their base from Netherlands to The United States of America. They operated the company during the war from American soil until the end of the war. They relocated to Eindhoven, Netherlands after the end of the war.


The Philips Company have a very vast history in consumer products. They introduced their first shaver in 1930, they began selling Television sets in 1949, formed Philips Record in 1950, introduced the Compact Audio Cassette Tape in 1963, introduced the first BoomBox, launched the first Home Video Cassette Recorded in 1972 only to never look back again. They teamed with Sony in 1982 to launch the Compact Dish (which would later give birth to the CD-R, CD-RW, DVD and eventually Blu-ray).


Philips offer various electronic products such as Hi-fi systems, Wireless speakers, Radio systems, Docking stations, Headphones, DJ mixers, Alarm clocks, pocket projectors, home projectors, Fidelio Audio, Home Audio, Multiroom systems, In car systems, App enabled products, Dictation Solutions (Desktop and Mobile), Tablets and much more.

They offer Ambilight Television systems, 4K Ultra HD Televisions, Android Televisions and other basic systems.

Their Fidelio Speakers have earned them many Innovation and Design Awards.

In 2012, Philips announced its intention to sell/demerge its television manufacturing operations to TPV Technology (A Multinational Chinese electronics company).

As of 2014, their company revenue amounted to 21.39 billion euros.

 Audio Products

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