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Jamo is Danish company, focused on delivering quality audio products. Spread over 80 countries around the world, it started out in 1968 and was founded by Preben Jacobsen and his brother-in-law, Julius Mortensen. The company name is derived from the founders' surnames.


Reaching its peak in 1994, the company’s main factory in Glyngøre had employed more than 400 workers, and earned hundreds of millions of dollars in profits, thus making it the largest manufacturer in Europe at that time. By 1998, the company had produced and sold more than 11.5 million units.


Since 1968, Jamo’s mission is to consistently deliver superior, design-oriented home audio solutions that enhance the music and movie listening experience for any home, office and retailer.


The company faced a decline in sales in the early 2000’s. In 2002, businessman Donald Høiris was hired as director to reverse declining sales. His efforts proved futile; a major company backer, FSN Capital, then transferred its interest in the brand to Jyske Bank. Høiris then resigned. The company production has, since 2004, been relocated to China.


Jamo was taken over in 2005 by an American firm, Klipsch Audio Technologies, which Høiris had arranged for before his departure. Jamo is now owned by Indianapolis, an Indiana-based Klipsch Group, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Audiovox Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX).


The company provides a range of speakers— from floor standings and subwoofers to outdoors and home theatres. With their high-quality cabinetry, designer finishes and advanced technologies combined to create gorgeous furniture whose exceptional acoustics are surpassed only by their beauty, they deliver awe-inspiring, heart-pounding audio from a sophisticated, danish design chest.


Looking to reinvent themselves, they released a whole new series of stereos in 2010, starting with floor standing speakers. The Jamo® S 420 Series, continued the Jamo brand tradition of beautiful form and optimal function to deliver memorable music performance.


Introducing wireless subwoofer kits by 2011, which offered superior wireless flexibility to its high-performance subwoofers through “plug'n play” functionality. This unique kit allowed for a significant enhancement of whole-house audio / in-wall / in-ceiling systems, which often lack in bass response, through flexible placement of the subwoofer(s) into various rooms delivering a rich, powerful sound. Up to six or more wireless sub kits can be used in a typical household.


In the same year, the company had new headquarters for operations in Paris. Also appointing a new lead designer for the company, these moves were made to increase visibility and product availability of the Jamo brand in the global marketplace. In this revitalization of the Danish-inspired Jamo brand, KGI utilized veteran product designers and engineers within KGI's global headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind., while collaborating with the same Danish firms that were long involved in Jamo's product design. In addition to this, the KGI-owned Mirage speaker brand became its own series under the Jamo brand and contributed a unique form factor, along with industry-leading technology, to diversify the Jamo product offering and expanded its portfolio to suit a global audience. To better serve the brand, the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) office were relocated to Paris, France, to provide a centralized hub for direct sales opportunities, the brand's first dedicated showroom and training facility, and improved channel management.

Backed by fellow industry leader Audiovox, they were confident that this transition would result in a newly inspired brand that remained true to its roots, yet poised for global growth like never before.


JAMO Audio

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