Home Acoustics 



Many people have the wrong notion that just by buying a premium speaker system will give them the best sound quality, but the fact of the matter is that it’s not enough. This is where the acoustics part comes into the picture. Home acoustics is basically setting up the speaker system or a home theater system at appropriate locations, making few adjustments to the decor & furniture of the room or a hall to obtain a superior audio experience.


Treatment of home acoustics is necessary because no matter how expensive or top of the line audio package you have, the elements like chairs, tables, curtains, windows, doors, couches or any other such objects or the lack of it will distort a high-resolution audio or lossless music. It is important to know that the presence or the absence of the above-mentioned objects creates a profound impact on the various ranges of frequencies.


Defining Sound Quality:

To understand good sound quality let’s start by knowing what bad sounds are:

  • Unintelligible dialogue and poor music reproduction
  • Lack of focus- cannot pinpoint the location, size of sound on a 360 field
  • Poor seat to seat uniformity
  • Two-dimensional sound stage only

Any one or a combination of these attributes will lead to bad sound quality.


Sound Control



It is important to first understand that acoustic treatment is meant to control the sound quality within a room, it is not intended to reduce the amount of sound that travels between rooms. Sound can be controlled only by using acoustical panels, their function is to control the level of reverberation in the room. In home theater's sound control is the art of controlling the sonic character of a given space to mimic a reference grade movie theater. To achieve this you have to understand the sonic character of the room, what sonic artifacts are created by the physical structure of the room and how the movables (furniture) in the room are going to affect the sound quality. Unlike acoustics used in large spaces like commercial theater and concert halls, small room acoustics are completely different as the room's acoustical properties are different.

It would be a mistake to assume that the most expensive products offer premium audio experience and us at Jamsticks.com consider that everyone deserves the best, so we ensure that you buy the right product at the right price according to your needs, we guide you to get the placement of your speakers at an optimum location and if required we will suggest you to make changes to your room/hall to get better acoustics with minimal or no investment.