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Bandridge cables is Europe's most creative and innovative brand in consumer electronics connectivity for more than twenty years. In 1990, they launched the first generation of Bandridge connectivity blisters - a complete retail concept in connectivity to maximise sales and profitability. Their ‘look and feel' packaging was a great success. Since then, this revolutionary range has gone from strength to strength with four further generations of the blister design. A radical and forward-looking approach to the connectivity segment!

Today, Bandridge is a benchmarked brand when it comes to consumer electronics connectivity, and it is distributed in over 55 countries around the world.

 A twenty year old brand in consumer electronics
  • User friendly products with best price.
  • Good quality cables which gives best data transfer and data syncing.
  • Awarded for its excellent performance by HIFI magazine.
  • 100% Oxygen free Copper Cables.

The cables used for high quality audio transmission,uses a pure copper as a conductor which will maximize the signal transmission.They are designed to meet the requirements of professional audio for high-end sound quality in indoor and outdoor applications.

Speaker cable is the wire used for the electrical connections between speakers and amplifier sources. It has three key electrical properties: resistance, capacitance and inductance. Resistance is by far the most important property to look at. Low-resistance wire allows more of the source’s power through to the speaker coil, meaning more power and more sound. And Bandridge provides the best cables for your speakers and other devices. 

Bandridge Cables to Connect your World