B&W MT-60D 5.1 Ch Speaker Package

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  • B&W MT-60D 5.1 Ch Speaker Package - Jamsticks

B&W MT-60D 5.1 Ch Speaker Package

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  • B&W MT-60D 5.1 Ch Speaker Package


    Product Description

    For uncompromising cinema sound that fits easily into your life, look no further than our flagship Mini Theatre system. The MT-60D twins M-1 speakers with the stunning power and control of a PV1D subwoofer to create immersive surround sound that will keep you gripped, right up until the final frame.


    Seamless entertainment In the best movies, everything fits. Actors, dialogue, storyline ‚¬œ it‚¬„s when all these separate elements merge effortlessly together that you know you‚¬„re in for a great cinematic experience. The same goes for our Mini Theatre series. Tucked away on a bookshelf or mounted on stands, these are speakers designed to blend elegantly and unobtrusively into your surroundings. And thanks to some dramatic technological improvements, satellites and subwoofers now integrate so seamlessly that each individual speaker seems to vanish, leaving you with the most immersive, fully formed cinema sound possible. No joins. No gaps. Just pure entertainment.


    M-1 Speakers


    Sleek, compact, yet packing a powerful punch, the M-1 satellite speaker is the backbone of both our Mini Theatre systems, taking all five positions in a surround-sound set-up. From the inside out, the M-1 was conceived as a unified system. Its design has evolved in a totally integrated way, from the custom-made crossover to the twopiece clamshell cabinet. And now, following a complete technological overhaul, including all-new drive units designed in-house, it sounds better than ever. Dispersion has increased. Imaging is pin-point accurate. Performance is now full range. In fact, the improvement is such that a single pair of M-1s could happily take on the role of your dedicated stereo speakers. It all adds up to stunning sound, whatever you‚¬„re listening to.



    Drive units

    1x ø25mm (1in) metal dome high-frequency

    1x ø100mm (4in) woven glass fibre cone bass/ midrange

    Sensitivity 85dB spl (2.83V, 1m)
    Nominal impedance 8 Ohms
    Crossover frequency 4kHz
    Recommended amplifier power 20W ‚¬œ 100W into 8Ω on unclipped programme
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 114 x 248 x 162mm
    Weight 2.3kg



    PV1D Subwoofer


    When we decided to create a new, powerful, compact subwoofer for use in home theatre set-ups, we weren‚¬„t going to contradict nature. Instead of a box, we based it on a bubble; the natural way of containing internal pressures without resorting to corners and edges. It‚¬„s a beautiful solution to the problems that plague conventional subwoofers. In the PV1D, the tremendous air pressures that stress the panels of normal, flat-sided subs at higher output levels are dispersed evenly around a rigid, continuous shell, reducing unwanted vibrations to a bare minimum.

    The PV1D‚¬„s inherent stability means it can be pushed just that bit further. The symmetrical mounting of its twin drive units keeps the subwoofer perfectly balanced and anchored to the floor. So there‚¬„s no rattle when it rumbles. The back-to-back arrangement also further improves the distribution of pressure inside the speaker. Coupled to an all-new amplifier generating 400 Watts of power, the drivers have the dynamics and control to deliver all a subwoofer should. A big sound from a small bubble.



    Drive units 2x ø200mm (8in) paper/Kevlar® /aluminium cone long throw
    Amplifier power output 400W
    Amplifier rated power consumption 150W
    Input impedance 100kΩ
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 270 x 342 x 358mm
    Weight 18.7 kg





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