Jamo is a Danish manufacturer of loudspeakers. The company was founded in 1968 by Preben Jacobsen and his brother-in-law, Julius Mortensen. The company name is derived from the founders' surnames. At one point, Jamo employed more than 400 workers at its factory in Glyngøre and grossed hundreds of millions of dollars; in 1994, it was Europe's largest speaker manufacturer.\

In 1998, the company had produced and sold more than 11.5 million units. In 2002, businessman Anders Høiris was hired as director to reverse declining sales. His efforts proved unsuccessful; a major company backer, FSN Capital, then transferred its interest in the brand to Jyske Bank. Høiris then resigned. Company production has, since 2004, been located in China. Jamo was taken over in 2005 by an American firm, Klipsch Audio Technologies, which Høiris had arranged for before his departure.


In the fishing village of Glyngøre, Denmark, carpenter Preben Jacobsen begins building loudspeakers in his hen house. Two years later he will bring his brother-in-law Julius Mortensen into the business. Jacobsen + Mortensen = JAMO. By 1978 one million JAMO loudspeakers will be produced

A high-tech audio collaborative utilizing resources from around the globe, JAMO crafts relevant products that look amazing in your home, are easy to use and sound fantastic. Honoring Scandinavian design roots, and focused on the modern minimalist lifestyle, JAMO delivers contemporary style with high-performance sound.

JAMO innovative loudspeakers are ideal for the spaces where we live and play. From small, hand-held delighters to thundering home cinema to powerful and beautifully integrated architectural solutions.

With products varying from ultra-compact, portable Bluetooth devices, through to high-quality hi-fi loudspeakers and AV packages, the Jamo range is stylish, innovative and represents unparalleled value for money.



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