XTZ XLR Gold 1.5M

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  • XTZ XLR Gold 1.5M - Jamsticks

XTZ XLR Gold 1.5M

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  • XTZ XLR Gold 1.5M


    Product Description

    Product Details:

    XTZ XLR Gold - balanced cable. A High End cable for those who want the best at the lowest price. Well shielded and strong, but still flexible. The cable is equipped with sturdy connectors with locking function.


    XTZ XLR Gold has conductor of silver-plated oxygen-free copper which contributes to a low impedance, low capacitance and low resistance for optimum signal transfer with minimal losses.

    • double shielded
    • Silver plated oxygen free copper
    • High-End gold plated connectors with lock function
    • Mechanically stable and robust, yet flexible
    • 75 ohm impedance


    Balanced transmission
    To minimize the influence of external disturbances is often balanced transmission. It simply means that the information is sent as two mirror-image "halves", and the difference between them is the signal instead of the normal unbalanced way with a signal that is measured in relation to the earth. In this way, the external shocks that hit the two leaders at the same time no effect because the difference between them remains the same. You win thus not seen anything from the sound point of view, which is a common misinterpretation, but the noise and disruption regard.

    The best cable is the one that does not sound at all
    Our starting point is that the best cable is the one that does not sound at all, that does not affect the signal in any way.

    The cables and their effects on reproduction is a hotly debated topic in the high-end circuits is a well known fact. Many manufacturers promise the moon just to buy their particular cable. While it is often difficult to measure any difference in performance between different cables.

    We choose not to give us into the subjective discussion about the cables that sounds best and so on. However, we can explain in technical terms the importance of good cables.

    All eligible company warranty and service support is being provided on XTZ XLR Gold 1.5M