Power Sound Audio (PSA) V1500 Subwoofer(Satin Black)

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  • Power Sound Audio (PSA) V1500 Subwoofer(Satin Black) - Jamsticks

Power Sound Audio (PSA) V1500 Subwoofer(Satin Black)

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  • Power Sound Audio (PSA) V1500 Subwoofer


    Product Description

    Product Details:

    The V1500 is a ported subwoofer using the new 725 watt ICEpower® amplifier, a new front firing cabinet with 35% more effective volume, and an updated 15" SE driver to ensure complete system optimization. With extension below 15hz, output levels that will leave you breathless, and outstanding transient performance, the V1500 offers a perfect balance of brute force and musical accuracy. The new room size control ensures the V1500 can be easily configured for superior performance in all room environments.


    • Proprietary, 15" high excursion driver with powerful motor strength and efficiency.
    • Patented digital ICEpower® 725W amplifier with DSP control
    • CNC precision cut cabinets that are finished in our industry exclusive satin black texture
    • 16Hz-200Hz +/-3dB (11Hz-14Hz typical in-room extension)

    CEA-2010 RATINGS

    • Ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz): 121.2dB
    • Low bass (40-63Hz): 125.7dB


    • Power Sound Audio proprietary 15‚¬? driver
    • High excursion capabilities (2" peak to peak)
    • Extended and vented pole geometry
    • Vented back plate to maximize air flow
    • Double stacked 80oz. ferrite magnets
    • Extremely linear and dynamic motor system
    • Highly treated, Kevlar-reinforced rigid paper cone body
    • Paper dust cap with acrylic coating
    • Epoxy reinforced cone neck/apex joint
    • Concentric foam surround, treated for longevity
    • Die-cast, twelve spoke, rigid aluminum frame with under spider cooling vents
    • Three inch diameter, four layer copper voice coil wound on a rigid multi-layer aluminum former with Kapton heat shielding
    • Fatigue limiting designed, silver alloy lead wires
    • Single poly cotton semi-progressive, high excursion spider

    All eligible company warranty and service support is being provided on Power Sound Audio (PSA) V1500 Subwoofer