XTZ SUB 12.17 Subwoofer

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XTZ SUB 12.17 Subwoofer

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  • XTZ SUB 12.17 Subwoofer


    Product Description

    Product Details

    By replacing the former model, the 99W12.16, the 12.17 has to fulfill very high expectations concerning power and accuracy. To elicit very deep bass with a high sound pressure level from a subwoofer that has a more aesthetic size is a challenge. The driver of the 12.17 has to be powerful yet very rigid and at the same time extremely lightweight to achieve the highest precision and maximum power. Therefore, a driver which originates from the famous Cinema series which is able to achieve this high set of goals is used. The powerful, yet energy efficient amplifier works in Class-D and provides 500W RMS and 800W peak power. No matter whether for a stereo system or home cinema, the 12.17 combines very powerful bass with the highest precision and flexibility due to its sound tuning possibilities.



    Resulting from proprietary development, the driver of the 12.17 has its origins in the drivers of the XTZ Cinema series. These high-speed drivers achieve their extraordinary properties through the use of very light and extremely rigid materials that enable the driver to perform with maximum precision and the highest dynamics. The 800W amplifier provides large headroom and high power for tight and at the same time extremely deep bass in home cinemas, as well as putting in place a discreet sound foundation for the enjoyment of music. Its perfect clipping characteristic gives it higher headroom for maximum dynamics.

    Sound Tuning

    With the adjustable equalizers on the back of the subwoofer, the sound of the 12.17 can be adapted perfectly to your needs and your room. While the EQ ‚¬œREF‚¬? provides maximum depth in the bass, ‚¬œEQ1‚¬? cuts the deepest frequencies to adapt the sound to smaller rooms with high room gain. ‚¬œEQ2‚¬? lifts the kick bass to achieve a punchier bass. In addition, the subwoofer can be operated in a sealed mode using the supplied plugs for the bass reflex tubes. The plugs also offer several combinations to perfectly adjust the sound to your wishes.


    The heavy weight of the 12.17 is due not just to the heavy magnet of the driver but mainly from the stable external walls made of MDF, as well as numerous internal stiffeners. Together with the damping material, internal resonances are reduced to an absolute minimum which leads to outstanding control and high dynamics. Due to its perfectly sized volume, the driver always operates in an ideal range and thus provides maximum precision and accuracy.



    The 12.17 integrates perfectly into any home cinema thanks to the three different colors offered: matte black, gloss black and matte white. The multilayered paint is ornately polished, thus ensuring the 12.17 has a sophisticated look. The rounded edges give the subwoofer an even more distinguished look.



    The rear terminal offers gold plated RCA and XLR inputs. Thus the 12.17 can also be used in studio environments. Both the crossover frequency, as well as the level of the subwoofer and the phase can be adjusted at the terminal. Here you will also find the toggle switch for the EQ selection.

    Front Cover

    The acoustic material that is used for the front covers is opaque and at the same time 100% transparent to sound. The front cover is available in black. It protects the drivers from potential damage without compromising sound quality.



    Construction Type: 12" aktiv hybrid subwoofer (Bassreflex / Sealed)
    Woofer driver: 1 x 300 mm (12") High-Speed Ultra-Long-Stroke driver (Polymer reinforced cotton)
    Amplifier: 1 x High-End Class-D Amplifier
    Frequency Response: 19 - 160 Hz (+/- 3dB)
    Power: 800 W Peak / 500 W RMS, Class-D
    Power Consumption (standby / switched on): <0,5 W / 27 W
    Phase: Variable 0 - 180°
    Crossover frequency: Variable 40 - 160Hz, Bypass
    Connections: 2 x RCA, XLR
    Settings: Bassreflex / Sealed (2 ports), 3 x EQ (REF, EQ1, EQ2)
    Cover: black
    Feet: 4 x rubber spikes (M6 thread)
    Dimensions: 395 x 510 x 400 mm (W x H x D) / 15.7 x 30.3 x 15.9" (Height incl. spikes)
    Weight: 25,9 kg / 57 lbs


    All eligible company warranty and service support is being provided on XTZ SUB 12.17 Subwoofer