XTZ Edge A2 300 Power Amplifier

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XTZ Edge A2 300 Power Amplifier

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Brand Warranty as Applicable, Usually delivered in 2-8 Business days

  • Technical Info

    • 2x 300W (1% THD, 4 Ω)
    • 0,005% THD+N (1 kHz, <100 W, 8 Ω)
    • 113dB S/N
    • ICEpower® Audio Technology

    Adjustable Gain
    • High Quality Copper binding post
    • Stereomode and Monomode
    • Rack mounting

    The famous ICEpower® class D technology of the A2-300 features the patented HCOM modulation and control techniques which ensure an excellent audio performance. With a dynamic range of up to 113 dB, the amplifier provides a perfect signal amplification with an absolute minimum of background noise. The damping factor is larger than 1500 to ensure maximum control of the signal and thus an even more natural and balanced sound. Its high impediance input ensures that the power amplifier can be driven by any source. Each channel is balanced from input to output in order to minimize common mode noise, power supply noise and even order distortion. The distortion and noise is kept very low throughout the audio band which gives a very homogenous sound image with clear details without causing listening fatigue. And thanks to the huge bandwidth you can enjoy the entire spectrum of 192/24 recordings. To minimize the power consumption, the EDGE A2-300 can be used in Auto-On mode. In this mode, the amplifier stays in standby mode which consumes less than 0,3W and is switching on itself automatically when it receives a signal. When the signal is not present anymore, it takes the amplifier eight minutes to switch back to the standby mode again. Choosing the mono-mode with the stereo/mono switch, located on the backside, provides the possibility to use the EDGE A2-300 in Bi-Amping (not bridgeble). The gain potentiometer can be used to adjust for the output level, when connected to other sources than regular pre-amplifiers like mobilephones, mediaplayers etc. It can also limit the maximum power output of the amplifier, as a safety protecting for your speakers. This outstanding overall flexibility in combination with the enormous power output makes the EDGE A2-300 an excellent choice for every application purpose.

    Connection possibilities

    A switch on the backside enables you to choose between Stereomode and Monomode (Bi-Amping).