XTZ Cinema Sub1x12

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XTZ Cinema Sub1x12

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  • XTZ Cinema Sub1x12


    Product Description

    Product Details:

    The best possible cinematic experience is achieved when you feel the bass energy goes straight through the body. The effect of each punch, explosion, or car, etc. must be reproduced accurately and with maximum effect. This is exactly what the 1x12 was designed to do. Because of the extremely rigid and lightweight membrane, it can handle the most severe effects with perfect accuracy. Since the element is driven by an amplifier with 500 W RMS / 900W peak power is always 1x12 full control. If you want to know the whole home theater shake but still listen to a lot of control and accurate sound, 1x12 is the perfect choice.



    Throughout its proprietary development, the advanced high-speed Ultra-Long-Stroke drives of the Cinema 1x12 is Designed Specifically for the Requirements of a home cinema subwoofer with a high maximum sound pressure level and low limit frequency. With its ultra-light membrane materials and an extremely powerful magnet, it is able to carry out even the fastest strokes in almost perfect piston-like motion. The completely new Claridy Class-D amplifier with 900 Watts peak power ensures an almost perfect clipping characteristic, Which Provides maximum headroom and thus the highest dynamics.


    Room Tuning

    For optimum adjustment of this unique subwoofer to your needs and to your room, the Cinema 1x12 a Room Gain EQ (room gain) which offers the possibility to equalize the sound so that it adapts to the room in the best way.Further adjustments can be done by sealing the slit-shaped bass reflex port with the supplied pluggen.Det provide a closed 1x12 with maximum precision and a previous rollover frequency equalization. Thus, several settings must be made together with the more common phase and cutoff frequency adjustments and the subwoofer can be optimally adapted to your needs.



    Strong MDF ensures maximum stability with optimal internal volum for elementen.Den irregular box reduces internal resonances effective and gives a timeless utseende.Fronten is 30mm thick and all sides are färstärkta with 40mm wide MDF boards giving a very stable låda.Under box there an additional MDF foot throughout the subwoofer rests on more weight and stadga.På inside several layers of dämpmatereal to extinguish the inner resonanser.Lådan remain silent regardless of sound pressure.



    The lacquer on Cinema is anti-reflective coating that is a special polyurethane lacquer applied with 8 layers to provide a uniform fine surface but also to reduce glare from the projector to a minimum. The grille is attached with magnets and therefore give the speaker a very pure expression of the grill is not in use.



    The back panel of aluminuim provides support RCA or XLR ingångar.Det are XLR output, multiple subwoofers can seriekopplas.Låg pass filter is variable between 40-160hz and volume and phase can be adjusted steglöst.Med Room EQ function can total as many settings for optimum performance in each place and environment

    front Grill

    The grille is attached with magnets and therefore give the speaker a very pure expression of the grill is not in use.


    Type: 12 "active subwoofer hybrid (Bass Reflex / Closed)
    Woofer: 1 x 300 mm (12 "), advanced high-speed Ultra-Long-Stroke Power (Polymer Reinforced Cotton Nomex fiberer)
    Amplifier: 1 x High-End Claridy Class D
    Frequency Response: 19-160 Hz (+/- 3dB)
    Effect: 900W Peak / 500W RMS Class D
    Phase: Variable 0 - 180 °
    Crossover: Variable 40 - 160Hz, Bypass
    Terminal: 2 x RCA, XLR, XLR pass-thru
    Audio settings: Bass reflex / Closed, 2 x EQ (Anechoic, Room gain)
    Front protection: magnetic, Black
    Feet: 4 x rubber spikes (M6 thread)
    Dimensions: 510 x 450 x 475 mm (W x H x D) / 20.0 x 17.7 x 18.7 "
    Weight: 29 kg / 63.9 lbs
    Colours: Matte black 8-layer anti-reflection coating
    Guarantee: 5 Year (Electronics: 2 years)
    Quantity: 1 pc

    All eligible company warranty and service support is being provided on XTZ Cinema Sub1x12