XTZ SUB 15.17P Edge Active Subwoofer

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XTZ SUB 15.17P Edge Active Subwoofer

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    SUB 15.17P is a newly developed 15-inch active subwoofer based on the 17 series products. Its effect and energy are better than that of a traditional 12-inch subwoofer. Based on the excellent results of the SUB17 series, we want a very powerful, and requires very good energy and precise low frequency control is undoubtedly a real challenge, but our developers came up with an amazing solution. The power of the speaker unit adopts the newly developed 1000-watt RMS power amplifier jointly developed by XTZ and IPCPOWERW, which makes the solution efficient, powerful and energy-saving. The newly developed speaker unit adopts ultra-long fiber structure, thin and light quality and a strong and flexible paper cone, which makes it have a richer low frequency. This combination together with its perfect tuning ability makes SUB15.17P the best choice for home theater.

    Speaker unit

    The SUB15.17P speaker unit specially developed and produced is the same as the XTZ cinema series. This type of high-speed speaker unit uses ultra-light and extremely rigid materials to achieve its extraordinary performance with high precision and high dynamic sensitivity. Its 1000W amplifier gives the home theater compact and extremely deep bass with ample frequency conversion margin and high power, while providing a secret basic sound source for music appreciation. Its perfect clipping characteristics give it a greater frequency conversion margin to achieve the ultimate dynamic effect.

    Sound regulation

    Through the adjustable equalizer at the rear of the subwoofer, you can adjust the sound effects of this SUB15.17P subwoofer to perfection according to your needs and spatial characteristics. EQ REF can provide the deepest bass, EQ1 can block the lowest frequency so that the sound enhances the sense of space in a small room, EQ2 can boost the hit bass to clang bass. In addition, this subwoofer can also be operated in a closed manner using the plug provided for the bass reflex tube. These plugs can also be used in several different combinations to ensure that the sound effect is adjusted to your favorite level.


    SUB15.17P’s sense of thickness not only comes from the heavy magnetic poles in the speaker unit, but also from the box wall made of its 25mm thick medium-density fiberboard and several internal rib support columns. The interior of the cabinet is filled with acoustic damping materials, so that the reverberation inside the cabinet tends to be absolutely low to provide a highly harmonious and flexible dynamic sound quality. The volume of the cabinet space is not bad, the speaker unit can work in an ideal environment for a long time, so as to provide the most accurate sound experience.


    The surface of the cabinet is matte black paint, this SUB15.17P can be seamlessly matched with any home theater. The multi-layer paint is polished and gorgeous, thus ensuring that SUB15.17P has a very delicate appearance. The rounded border provides a more noble appearance and dazzling light reflection.

    Rear control terminal

    The rear terminal is equipped with gold-plated RCA and XLR input ports. Therefore, SUB15.17P can also be used in a studio environment. Both the crossover frequency and the degree and phase of the subwoofer can be precisely adjusted at the terminal. Here is also equipped with an equalizer (EQ) selector switch.

    Front grille

    The front cover uses translucent acoustic material, and its sound penetration is 100%. Protect the speaker unit from potential damage while not affecting the sound quality.

    Subwoofer unit

    After years of research and development, the advanced diaphragm material can meet various stringent requirements. Its ultra-long fiber structure, thin and light texture and extraordinary toughness are the keys to the powerful performance of the horn. In order to make the woofer have ultra-long stroke when performing the maximum linear shift, Tongjin has also developed a special high elastic width R long stroke ring inert rubber folding ring, so that the subwoofer has a low-condensation and rich low-frequency.

    Other advantages of our self-designed speaker include:

    -.High strength cast aluminum basin stand

    -High inner group back loose surface tight alpine long fiber drum paper

    -Cooperate with high-quality T iron rod design, magnetic field design optimized by finite element analysis

    -High-end large signal drive and suspension debugging using KLIPPEL laser test system

    -Large aluminum short-circuit ring to reduce inductance and further reduce nonlinear distortion

    -Ultra high temperature long coil BASV voice coil and maximum airflow design

    -Specially developed high elasticity wide R long stroke ring inert rubber folding ring and maximum linear design in its free range

    -Woven from a unique polyester cotton spider web

    Class D power amplifier

    SUB15.17P subwoofer adopts XTZ newly designed Class D SA-1 subwoofer power amplifier, which is jointly developed by Danish ICEpower company and XTZ company. ICEpower module is often used in many very high-end and expensive designs, it has the ultimate performance (sensitivity reaches 113db), ultra-high power output. Another amazing advantage is the extremely high efficiency and ultra-low energy consumption at maximum dynamic output. SA-1 amplifier has optimized pulse control and advanced DSP signal processor, and also provides additional parameter EQ sound adjustment options, making the amplifier more perfect for controlling the speaker unit.

    WEIGHT 45 kg

    15 "active hybrid subwoofer (low frequency inverter tube / closed type)


    High-quality black matte multi-layer paint


    1000W, Class D


    570x450x505 mm


    1 x 380 mm (15 ") high speed ultra long stroke horn unit (polymer reinforced cotton)


    19-180 Hz (+/- 3dB)


    2 x RCA, 1x XLR, 1x XLR pass-through


    Low frequency inverter tube / closed type (2 inverter tubes), 3 x EQ (REF, EQ1, EQ2), PEQ filter (variable frequency and gain)


    40-160Hz adjustable, straight-through