PSB Alpha PS1 Powered Speakers.

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  • PSB Alpha PS1 Powered Speakers. - Jamsticks

PSB Alpha PS1 Powered Speakers.

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  • PSB Alpha PS1 Powered Speakers.

    Add superior sound to any desktop or computer.

    The Alpha PS1 is a true two-way powered speaker with a built-in high-performance amplifier that can easily be set up on any desktop and provide detailed full-range sound for your computer or laptop. Starting with the Alpha’s original concept of great sound for an affordable price, the Alpha PS1 is equipped with a 3½” (90mm) metalized polypropylene cone and a ¾” (19mm) aluminium tweeter powered by a high-performance 20 watt amplifier to give you enough acoustic output to rock a small to medium-sized room. Add in its small size, beautiful high gloss finish and exceptional flexibility, and its the perfect speaker to take your desktop system to the next level.

    • 3½” (90mm) Black metalized polypropylene midbass woofer
    • ¾” (19mm) Aluminium ferrofluid-cooled tweeter with front waveguide
    • Built with a high-performance Class D amplifier with 20 watts

    True Canadian sound
    The Alpha PS1 uses science and engineering perfected over many years at Canada’s National Research Council for an extremely smooth and refined sound signature, surprising room-filling output and solid bass that defies the speaker’s compact size. No matter how they’re set-up or your listening position, the Alpha PS1s acoustically disappear by projecting a large and exquisitely detailed sound image–on and off-axis without compromising the speaker’s sound quality. This isn’t your ordinary computer speaker.

    Take digital audio to the next level
    You can create a complete audiophile-quality system by simply plugging the Alpha PS1s into your computer or laptop, without any other stereo components necessary. For the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience, connect the PSB SubSeries 100 to the PS1’s rear-mounted subwoofer output and use the sub’s adjustable crossover and phase controls for fine-tuning and seamless 2.1 imaging. The rear USB power port can charge many of your devices or you can connect a Bluetooth USB adapter and stream music wirelessly.

    Pro-level audio
    Compact and beautifully finished in a high gloss piano black, the Alpha PS1 aren’t just for playing games and watching movies–it’s to experience to the fullest. Sitting down you’ll hear a soundstage that seems to extend way beyond the speakers and deeper, more detailed thanks to a tuned port tube and advanced digital audio processing inside the speaker. You can also add the optional tilt wedge to the base of the speaker to heighten the sound angle for improved directivity when sitting up close.

    • 3½” (90mm) Black metalized polypropylene midbass woofer
    • ¾” (19mm) Aluminium ferrofluid-cooled tweeter with front waveguide
    • Built with a high-performance Class D amplifier with 20 watts
    • Acoustically engineered cabinet with a tuned port for low bass
    • Rear mounted volume control, sub out, RCA and AUX inputs
    • Optional tilt base to adjust the speaker position for near-field setups.

    Amplifier Power:


    2 x 20 Watt

    Dynamic Peak

    2 x 40 Watt

    Acoustic Design:

    Tweeter (Nominal)

    3/4” (19mm) Aluminium Dome

    Woofer (Nominal)

    3 1/2” (90mm) Polypropylene Cone with Rubber Surround


    2100Hz, LR4

    Design Type

    Bass Reflex, Rear Slot Port

    Weight and Dimensions:

    Size (W x H x D)

    4 1/2” x 7 7/8” x 6 7/8”*
    (114 x 197 x 174mm)


    Net: 8.3lb (3.8kg)/pair
    Shipping: 12lb (5.5kg)/pair


    Gloss Black


    Volume Control
    Mono Subwoofer Output
    Low Level RCA Input
    Low Level 1/8” (3mm) “AUX” Input


    * Non-metric measurements are approximate.
    All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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