Pro-ject Audio Systems RPM 5.1

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  • Pro-ject Audio Systems RPM 5.1 - Jamsticks

Pro-ject Audio Systems RPM 5.1

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  • Pro-ject Audio Systems RPM 5.1

    Product Description



    ‚¬ Chassis piano-lacquered dark grey

    ‚¬ A quiet running AC motor with a two-step pulley drives the hub and platter via a flat-ground belt.

    ‚¬ The medium density fibre plinth stands on three height-adjustable rubber-damped aluminium cones.

    ‚¬ The motor is decoupled from the plinth to reduce vibration transmission.

    ‚¬ The resonance-optimised platter is a sandwich construction utilising the hub, an medium density fibre platter, a cork mat (a standard felt mat is supplied also) and a screw-down record clamp.

    ‚¬ The platter's low-tolerance chrome-plated stainless-steel axle runs on a Teflon bearing plate in a sintered bronze bearing housing.

    ‚¬ Central metal block optimises centre of gravity and damps main bearing.

    ‚¬ Connection to the phono input of the amplifier can be made with connecting cables of your taste through the gold plated phono sockets and earth screw. A standard cable is provided.

    ‚¬ External power supply avoids potential electro-mechanical interference.

    Tonearm 9cc

    ‚¬ As an optional extra, the turntable is supplied with Ortofon 2M Red MM-cartridge fitted.

    ‚¬ The headshell and armtube are fashioned from a single piece of carbon-fibre.

    ‚¬ Conical armtube avoids standing wave reflections.

    ‚¬ Inverted tonearm bearing comprises four hardened stainless tips in ABEC7 spec ballraces.

    ‚¬ Rings provide very solid arm bearing housings. The outside ring is open to avoid resonances.

    ‚¬ Design of counterweight effectively counteracts unwanted resonances.

    ‚¬ The counterweight supplied is suitable for cartridges weighing between 6 - 10g. Alternative counterweights for cartridges weighing between 11 - 15g, 8 - 11g or 5 - 8g are available as an accessory part.

    ‚¬ Counterweight shaft lowered to record level reduces cantilever forces and dynamic wow when playing warped records.

    ‚¬ Solid armbase permits accurate height adjustment of armtube and VTA (vertical tracing angle).

    ‚¬ Single-screw fixing of armtube allows rotation for easy adjustment of needle azimuth despite fixed headshell.

    ‚¬ Silicone-damped armlift can be adjusted to suit working height of the arm.

    ‚¬ The internal wiring consists of flexible high-purity copper from the headshell right through to the gold-plated phono sockets.


    Technical data

    Pro-Ject RPM 5.1

    Optional fitted cartridge Ortofon 2M Red
    Amplifier connection MM-input
    Nominal speeds 33 / 45 / 78 r.p.m. (78 optional)
    Dust cover Pro-Ject Cover it optional
    Record clamp yes
    RCA phono sockets yes
    Rubber-damped aluminium cones yes
    Central metal block yes
    Tonearm Pro-Ject 9cc
    Tonearm with fibre armtube and sapphire thrust-pads yes
    Effective tonearm length 9" (230mm)
    Effective tonearm mass 8,5g
    Overhang 18mm
    Supplied counterweight cartridge weight 6 - 10g
    Optional counterweights cartridge weights 11 - 15g, 8 - 11g, 5 - 8g
    Downforce range 10 - 30mN
    Signal to noise -70dB
    Platter weight/diameter 1,75kg/300mm
    Power supply type Mains-fed outboard power supply220 - 240V, 50 cycles or 100 - 110V, 60 cycles
    Output voltage 16V/500mA AC
    Power consumption 2W
    Dimension 371 x 145 x 300mm
    Weight 6,5kg

    All eligible company warranty and service support is being provided on Pro-ject Audio Systems RPM 5.1