NAD Masters Series M-12 Digital PreAmp DAC

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  • NAD Masters Series M-12 Digital PreAmp DAC - Jamsticks

NAD Masters Series M-12 Digital PreAmp DAC

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  • NAD Masters Series M-12 Digital PreAmp DAC


    Product Description

    Product Details:

    Built for the future, the M12 isn‚¬„t a typical DAC and it isn‚¬„t a typical preamplifier. The M12 is an ultra-high resolution digital audio hubthat boasts a full roster of audiophile-grade features that leverage some of the most advanced digital audio thinking on earth. 24/192Asynchronous USB offers modern connectivity options from any source imaginable. And NAD‚¬„s DirectDigitalTM processing and aClass-A buffer guarantee real-time, 24-bit accuracy from the very first to the very last bit. The M12 interfaces with all digital or analoguemusical sources, and renders them perfectly to power amplifiers and active loudspeakers.

    > NAD DirectDigitalTM Innovation

    DirectDigitalTM amplification offers the highest level ofperformance. The 35-bit data path with 24-bit coefficients and62-bit accumulation, and dithered truncation back to 35-bits afterDSP functions guarantee the overall 24-bit accuracy. With thisdegree of resolution, all preamp functions can be accomplishedwith a new level of precision, and all in the digital domain. Thiseliminates the noise and distortion prone to analogue circuits.Because of the super high resolution, even 24-bit files areprocessed without truncation or loss of information.

    > Uncompromised Connection

    Standard inputs include AES/EBU, Asynchronous 24/192 USB,coaxial and optical digital inputs and balanced and single-endedline level inputs including a high performance MC/MM phonostage. Rounding out the picture, a pure Class-A buffer usingthe latest generation of Super OP Amps provide low impedancebalanced and single-ended connections to power amplifiersor active loudspeakers. A remote controls all functions and IRrepeaters, 12V triggers, and a serial port to make integration withadvanced control systems a snap.

    > Fine Tune Your System

    Because of the massive computing power and high-resolutionsignal path, some interesting features have also beenincorporated to further perfect the listening experience. Want toadd a subwoofer to your system? The M12 includes a secondorder high pass and low pass crossover with selectable frequency.You can even select different frequency knees for each filter. Thislevel of flexibility and precision is made possible by our highlyperfected DirectDigital architecture.

    > Future Forward MDC

    One of NAD‚¬„s most innovative technological advancements‚¬?Modular Design Construction (MDC)‚¬?does away withobsolescence by providing a simple upgrade path to add futurefeatures and functionality. M12 owners can add an optional DDHDM-1 HDMI Module with 3 inputs and 1 output (3D video pass-through) and/or a network audio module, DD BluOS, with musicmanagement software that is controlled with an iOS or Androiddevice. The DD BluOS MDC Module allows streaming of a varietyof music services, HD streaming from a NAS device, and TuneInradio; plus it gives you full control of your music library. IntegratedWiFi/Ethernet and aptX BluetoothTM connections are also offeredwith the DD BluOS Module.


    Rated Distortion (THD+N with AES 17 filter) <0.0005% (0dBFS)
    IMD Distortion 0.0001%
    Input Impedance 75 ohms (coaxial)
    110 ohms (AES/EBU)
    Sample Rate 32kHz to 192kHz (USB and digital S/PDIF)
    Frequency Response ±0.5dB (ref. 20Hz-22kHz @ sample rate)
    Channel Separation >-115dB (ref. 0dBFS Volume -1dB)
    Signal / Noise Ratio >-125dB (ref. 0dBFS 2V out)
    Output Level 2V (ref. input 0dBFS)
    S/PDIF Coaxial x 2
    Optical x 2
    USB Class 2 Audio: asynchronous 24/192 support
    DD AP-1 Analogue Phono Module
    IR In
    Trigger In 12V ±20%
    Trigger Out 12V ±20%
    Idle Power 26W
    Standby Power <0.5W
    Unit Dimensions (WxHxD) - Gross* 435 x 133 x 383mm
    17 1/8 x 5 1/4 x 15 1/8 inches**
    Net Weight 8.1kg (17.9lb)
    Shipping Weight 14.5kg (32.0lb)

    All eligible company warranty and service support is being provided on NAD Masters Series M-12 Digital PreAmp DAC