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    Product Description

    Product Details:

    The C 165BEE is the perfect complement to NAD‚¬„s C 275BEE Power Amplifi er making a reference level of performance available for far less money than previously possible.Attention to the most minute detail is evident everywhere, from the heavy gauge steel chassis to the sophisticated power supplies and custom Class A gain modules taken straight from the NAD Masters Series components.


    • 6 Line Level Inputs
    • Phono Input with selectable Moving Coil and Moving Magnet sensitivity settings
    • 3 position Resistance and Capacitance settings for Phono Input
    • 2 Line Level Outputs,one variable from 0dB to -12dB
    • Subwoofer Output
    • Independent Headphone Amplifier
    • Pure Class A Gain Modules
    • Sealed Reed Relays for Input Switching
    • Heavy Gauge Steel Chassis
    • Bass and Treble Controls with Defeat Switch (bypass)
    • Gold Plated Sockets
    • 12V Trigger Output
    • IR In and Out
    • Detachable Power Cord
    • SR 8 NAD 4 Device System remote Control
    • 1 watt Standby Consumption



    The C 165BEE is an all new design representing a lifetimeof design experience from NAD‚¬„s renowned Director ofAdvanced Developments, Bjorn Erik Edvardsen. Newsemiconductors and improved production techniquessuch as surface mount devices (SMDs) have createdopportunities for performance far beyond expectationwhen compared to previous products in this price range.Compared to its predecessor the C 162, an improvedtone control circuit and revised PCB layout has reduceddistortion and noise to unprecedented levels whencombined with the high signal capacity of the NAD ClassA Gain Modules.

    Class A gain modules combine the short signal pathadvantage of IC based OPAmps with the higher signaland current capacity of discrete transistors. Here SMDis used to miniaturize the circuit while the extrudedaluminum heat sink keeps all parts at the optimaloperating temperature for ultra low distortion. Thisunique NAD development endows the C 165BEE withlightening fast transient response and bass extensionand defi nition that is uncommon at this price level. Highfrequencies are extended, silky smooth and grain-free.

    In the phono stage we have added 3 position switches toindividually select the resistance and capacitance of the phono stage to allow precise matching of mostpopular Moving Magnet and Moving Coil phonocartridges. Other refi nements have lowered noiseand improved the overload margin. Precision closetolerance parts are used to achieve nearly perfectRIAA response.

    We‚¬„ve also improved the headphone amplifyingcircuit to better drive studio quality high impedanceheadphones. Taken together, these improvementsmark a sharp upturn in performance that simplymust be heard, to be fully appreciated!


    Unlike many high-end preamps that skimp on inputsand features, the C 165BEE has all the fl exibilityyou will ever need. Starting with 6 line level inputsand the previously mentioned MC/MM phono input,the C 165BEE also includes a superbly designedtone control circuit. While tone control circuits ingeneral tend to hurt performance by adding noiseand distortion, the C 165BEE is a textbook exampleof how to correctly implement high fi delity tonecontrols. Affecting only the frequency extremesthey leave the critical midrange untouched. Theirmoderate action is perfect for touching up the tonalbalance of all the less than perfect recordings in yourcollection. A Tone Defeat switch quickly selects fl atresponse and bypasses all the tone control circuitry.

    A full function remote control also includes controlsfor other NAD components allowing a ‚¬˜one remote‚¬„solution for your NAD system.

    Custom Installation Ready

    With a 12V trigger output and IR inputs and outputson the rear panel, the C165BEE is ready to integratewith CI control systems. Discrete On/Off codes anddirect access to inputs make programming easy.

    Green Features

    NAD has responded quickly and responsibly to thenew awareness of environmental damage causedby human activity. The C 165BEE is manufacturedwithout the heavy metals that have been identifi edas harmful to the environment and manufacturingprocesses meet the latest stringent internationalstandards. Standby power consumption is best inits class at <1 watt.


    We don‚¬„t think you‚¬„ll fi nd another preamp withthe same pedigree, performance, and fl exibilityat anywhere near the low price of the C 165BEE.Classic understated styling, superb build quality andtrue engineering sophistication at an affordableprice; that‚¬„s the NAD difference.


    Line level input

    Input impedance (R and C) 100 kΩ+ 320 pF
    Input sensitivity 159 mV (ref. 500 mV out)
    Maximum input signal >9 V
    Signal/Noise ratio, A-weighted >108 dB (ref. 500 mV in 500 mV out,volume set to unity gain)
    >112 dB (ref. 2V out, Volume maximum)
    Frequency response ± 0.1 dB (ref. 20 Hz - 20 kHz, Tone defeat ON)
    ± 0.5 dB (ref. 20 Hz - 20 kHz, Tone defeat OFF)
    Frequency response (subwoofer out) 100 Hz (ref. -3 dB)
    Output impedance
    Pre Out 75Ω
    Tape out Source Z + 1 kHz
    Sub out 100 Ω
    Headphones 10 Ω
    Maximum voltage output
    Pre out >10 V into 600 Ω
    Tape out >10 V into 10 kΩ load
    Sub out >7 V into 1 kΩ load
    Headphones >7 V into 600 Ω
    >2 V into 32 Ω
    THD (CCIF IMD, DIM 100) >0.005 % dB (ref. 20 Hz ‚¬œ 20 kHz, 2 Vout)
    Tone Controls
    Treble ± 5 dB at 10 kHz (ref. 2V in 500 mV out)
    Bass ± 5 dB at 100 Hz (ref. 2V in 500 mV out)
    Power Consumption
    Normal operation 21 W
    Standby mode <0.8 W
    Phono Input
    8Input impedance MC 40,100,600 Ω (R)
    1 nF (C)
    8Input impedance MM 47 kΩ (R)
    220,300,400 pF (C)
    Input sensitivity MC 0.15 mV (ref. 1 kHz 500 mV out)
    Input sensitivity MM 2.6 mV (ref. 1 kHz 500 mV out)
    Input overload MC 0.8 mV/7 mV/65 mV (20 Hz/1 kHz/20 kHz)
    Input overload MM 14 mV/140 mV/1.2 (20 Hz/1 kHz/20 kHz)
    Gain MC in - Tape out 62.4 dB1 (ref. 1 kHz, 10 kΩ load)
    MM in - Tape out 36.7 dB (ref. 1 kHz, 10 kΩ load)
    THD (CCIF IMD, DIM 100) <0.009 % (ref. 20 Hz ‚¬œ 20 kHz, 5 Vrms Tape out)
    Signal/Noise ratio, IHF A-weighted MC >78 dB2 (ref. 0.5 mV)
    MM >78 dB3 (ref. 0.5 mV)
    RIAA response accuracy ± 0.5 dB (ref. 20 Hz ‚¬œ 50 Hz)
    ± 0.3 dB (ref. 50 Hz ‚¬œ 20 kHz)
    Infrasonic filter 10 Hz (at -3 dB)
    5 Hz (at -14 dB)
    Physical Specifications
    Dimensions (W x H x D) Net 435 x 80 x 286 mm
    17 1/8‚¬? x 3‚¬? x 11 1/4‚¬?
    Gross 435 x 99 x 315 mm
    17 1/8‚¬? x 3 15/16‚¬? x 12 1/2‚¬?
    Net weigh 13.23 lb (6 kg)
    Shipping weight 17.1 lb (7.8 kg)

    All eligible company warranty and service support is being provided on NAD C 165BEE STEREO PREAMPLIFIER