Morel PRIMO 5.1 Ch Speaker Package

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  • Morel PRIMO 5.1 Ch Speaker Package - Jamsticks

Morel PRIMO 5.1 Ch Speaker Package

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  • Morel PRIMO 5.1 Ch Speaker Package

    Product Description:

    The Primo 5.1 is a multi-channel speakersystem engineered to make every movie and music track a captivating experience, placing you right in the middle of the action. A modern minimalist design characterizes the Primo 5.1 package, ensuring total integration in any living space and installation ease. While it delivers the renowned Morel quality and sound, the PRIMO 5.1 system is offered at an exceptional value, designed for those who are looking for a cost effective versatile system.
    The Primo‚¬„s components excellent integration between the satellites and the subwoofer, ensures audiophile grade sound presentation, detail and presence. Comprising of 5 SoundSpot SP-1 satellite speakers for front, rear, and center channels and the SUB8 subwoofer. The SP -1 miniature half-sphere enclosure houses a two-way coaxial speaker and is constructed from 1mm steel, this strong and light weight solution creates less stored energy thus delivering a clearer sound with less colouration and a wider frequency range.

    The SUB-8 active subwoofer fitted with an 8‚¬? bass unit driven by 100W high power amplifier, producing deep and dynamic bass response that one will feel and hear.
    The Primo system is musical and dynamic designed for both small and large rooms. It allows for a variety of speaker placement options making installation easy for optimal performance.

    All eligible company warranty and service support is being provided on Morel PRIMO 5.1 Ch Speaker Package