Monoprice PID-9895 Dual Band IR Repeater

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  • Monoprice PID-9895 Dual Band IR Repeater - Jamsticks

Monoprice PID-9895 Dual Band IR Repeater

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  • Monoprice PID-9895 Blackbird Dual Band IR Repeater

    Control up to four audio/video components located behind closed doors or walls in an entertainment cabinet or closet using this Dual Band IR Repeater from Monoprice!

    This IR repeater lets you store your equipment out of sight, yet still operate it with its infrared remote control. The repeater supports dual band IR signals with frequencies between 30-60KHz. The kit includes an IR receiver with a 3 foot cord, which you need to place so that you can point your remote control at it.

    The receiver then transmits the signal to the repeater, which sends it out to all four transmitter bulbs, which should be placed over the IR "eye" on each of your components. The kit comes with two transmitter cables, each with two IR transmitter bulbs and 6 foot cord.

    The box measures a scant 3.1" x 2.1" x 0.9" and has mounting holes so it can be attached to a wall or inside a cabinet. The repeater is powered by the included AC adapter (5 VDC, 0.5A) and can be expanded by adding one more receiver and three more transmitter cables.

    Note that the cables use standard 3.5mm mono and stereo plugs, so they can be lengthened by using a 3.5mm audio extension cable.