Monoprice Aria 6.5" 2-way In-Ceiling Speakers

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  • Monoprice Aria 6.5" 2-way In-Ceiling Speakers - Jamsticks

Monoprice Aria 6.5" 2-way In-Ceiling Speakers

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  • These in-ceiling speakers feature a triple driver design with two pivoting titanium silk membrane dome tweeters for superior sonic performance. The woofer is constructed of an advanced glass composite to deliver high fidelity, distortion-free audio. Each speaker features two sets of speaker wire terminals, allowing you to wire each speaker for single-speaker stereo. When using single speaker stereo, you can achieve good stereo separation by pointing the tweeters in different directions to allow the sound to reflect around and fill the room.


    Exotic glass composite woofer for distortion free reproduction
    Oversized magnets for more impactful bass
    Dual precision titanium silk membrane dome tweeters for broad frequency spectrum, sweeter highs and pure sonic clarity
    Pivoting tweeters allow you to point the acoustics to the prime listening position for a more accurate and immersive sonic experience
    40W nominal and 100W maximum power handling capacity provides ample headroom so these drivers won't be easily overdriven or blown out
    8 ohms standard impedance ensure they can be safely driven by even the most modest home theater receivers

    Installation Notes:

    To wire a speaker for single speaker stereo mode, keep the jumper set to the "Standard single speaker stereo" selection. Wire one of the sets of speaker terminals normally, with red/positive wired to red/positive. For the other set of speaker terminals, connect the wires in the reverse to a normal connection with the red/positive source connected to the black/negative terminal and the black/negative source connected to the red/positive terminal. This ensures that you will not exerience any phase cancellation of the audio from each driver.
    For normal operation, set the jumper to the "parallel connection" option. Wire the speaker normally, with red/positive going to red/positive and black/negative going to black/negative. It does not matter which of the two terminals sets you connect to the audio source.

    Package Contents:

    2x 6.5" 3-way In-Ceiling Speaker w/ grill
    1x Installation instructions
    1x Cutout template and paint mask
    1x Grill removal tool
    1x Grill putty



    Model 4619
    Frequency Response 57 Hz ~ 20 kHz
    Impedance 8 Ohms
    Maximum Input Power (RMS) 2x 50 watts
    Maximum Input Power (Peak) 2x 100 watts
    Woofer 6.5" Glass Composite Woofer w/ 13.3oz Magnet and rubber surrounds
    Tweeter Dual 1" Silk Membrane Dome (Pivoting) 20° swivel
    Sensitivity 85dB ±2dB (1.0m/2.83V)
    Crossover 4.0 kHz
    Fs 56.006 Hz
    Re 7.2 ohms
    Qts 1.186
    Vas 14.986 liters
    Cms 599.046 µm/N
    BL 4.424 T
    EBP 32.08
    Xmax 3.75mm
    SD 13.273 cm2
    Cut-Out Dimensions ø8.07" x 4.56" (ø205 x 116 mm)
    Overall Dimensions ø9.7" x 4.8" (ø246 x 122 mm)
    Mounting Depth 4.56" (116 mm)
    Weight 4.2 lbs. (1.9 kg)