Monoprice Amber 6.5" 3-way In-Wall Speakers

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  • Monoprice Amber 6.5" 3-way In-Wall Speakers - Jamsticks

Monoprice Amber 6.5" 3-way In-Wall Speakers

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  • In-wall speakers are the ideal combination of sound quality and styling. Rather than cluttering the room with large box speakers trailing speaker wires, the speakers are virtually invisible, while filling the room with high fidelity audio. Featuring a removable and paintable grille, this 3-way speaker uses a carbon fiber woofer cone with rubber surround for deep, impactful bass, a carbon fiber mid-range driver for tight, articulate mids, and a ribbon tweeter for sweeter and smoother high frequencies.

    Ribbon Tweeter Carbon Fiber Drivers High Frequency Attenuator Magnetic Grille

    Ribbon Tweeter: A ribbon tweeter is composed of a very thin metal diaphragm suspended in a powerful magnetic field. It is capable of very high acceleration, which means that it is very responsive to musical nuances. Ribbon tweeters have a wide horizontal dispersion and a very tight vertical dispersion, thereby increasing the size of the audio "sweet spot".

    Carbon Fiber Drivers: Carbon fiber is a very lightweight and rigid material, making it ideal for speaker drivers. The lightweight ensures that the driver can respond quickly to musical nuances, while the additional rigidity results in improved accuracy and a flatter frequency response. The result is a is deep, impactful bass, and tight, articulate mids, without a hint of distortion.

    High Frequency Attenuator: The high-frequency attenuator can reduce high frequencies by 0, -3, or -6 dB. This allows you to fine tune the speaker's high-end response to compensate for a particularly "bright" listening environment.

    Magnetic Grille: The removable grille attaches to the speaker using powerful magnets, to ensure that the powerful bass does not cause rattle. The grille is paintable and features a slim bezel, allowing it to more easily blend into your home's decor.

    Higher sensitivity, deeper bass,
    and higher power handling
    Carbon fiber is a lighter and stiffer material than what is normally used in speaker drivers. This means that the drivers can respond quickly to musical nuances, are more accurate, and have a flatter frequency response. The result is deep, impactful bass and tight, articulate mids, without a hint of distortion.

    3-way In-Wall Column Speaker

    Ribbon TweeterMaximum PowerCarbon Fiber DriversFrequency Response

    4.5" x 3" ribbon tweeter
    100 watts RMS, 200 watts maximum power handling capacity
    6.5" carbon fiber bass and mid-range drivers
    56 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
    8-ohms nominal impedance
    Removable and paintable grille
    89dB sensitivity
    Magnetic grille

    Tools Recommended for Installations

    Stud finder
    Carpenter's level
    Marking pen or pencil
    Drywall cutter
    14AWG CL2 in-wall rated speaker wire (SKU 3845)
    Wire strippers
    Phillips screwdriver

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    Model 15700
    Type 3-way in-wall
    Woofer 6.5" carbon fiber woofer
    Mid-Range 6.5" carbon fiber woofer
    Tweeter 4.5" x 3.1" (115 x 80 mm) ribbon tweeter
    Frequency Response 56Hz ~ 20kHz, -3dB
    Crossover Frequencies 650Hz and 4kHz
    Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
    Power Handling Capacity (RMS) 100 watts
    Power Handling Capacity (Max) 200 watts
    Sensitivity 89dB
    Fs 59.912 Hz
    Re 7.2 ohms
    Qts 0.378
    Vas 8.388 liters
    Cms 335.311 µm/N
    BL 10.505 T
    EBP 144.39
    Xmax 4.1mm
    SD 13.273 cm2
    Overall Dimensions 8.2" x 19.2" x 3.6" (207 x 487 x 91 mm)
    Cutout Dimensions 6.69" x 17.72" (170 x 450 mm)
    Weight 8.5 lbs. (3.85 kg)