DENON PMA-720AE (2x 85W) Integrated Amplifier

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  • DENON PMA-720AE (2x 85W) Integrated Amplifier - Jamsticks

DENON PMA-720AE (2x 85W) Integrated Amplifier

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  • Denon PMA-720AE 

    Power without interference
    The Denon PMA-720AE uses a High Current Single-Push-Pull circuit for exceptional dynamics and detail. The high current power supply ensures that the bass is always deep and sustained, yet never overbearing. The 
    Denon PMA-720AE goes further by offering a large capacity power supply with a separate control circuit. This ensures plenty of power without interference and distortion from other electronics used within the amplifier.

    Sound-tuned for European tastes
    As you'd expect from a quality Denon product, the
    Denon Amplifier PMA-720AE also features a number of selected components; chosen especially for their audio performance. There's also a vibration-resistant casing with Direct Mechanical Ground Construction. Tuned in Europe for an audiophile standard sound quality, the PMA-720AE is one of the best sounding amps at its price.

    Plenty of useful features
    The D
    Denon Amplifier PMA-720AE features a stereo pre-amp output to enable the use of active speakers, sub or a separate power amplifier. The four line level inputs are complemented by a recording loop, and there's an MM phono input for your turntable - an unusual input these days. Two sets of speaker outputs allow you to have music in another room while the headphone socket is ideal for private listening.

    Top quality finish
    Finished to Denon's usual high standards and featuring an elegant aluminium front panel, the
    Denon Amplifier PMA-720AE has the looks and build to match more expensive products. It's also the perfect aesthetic match for other Denon products, such as the DCD-720AE CD player.
    For larger rooms and higher volume requirements, the Denon PMA720AE has what it takes to take on the best in its class.

    New features:

    • Further improved sound quality
    • Newly developed system remote control
    • ECO friendly with low power consumption in stand by, and auto power-off
    • New high quality speaker terminals

    High quality sound:

    • High Current (HC) Single-Push-Pull Circuit for musical detail and power
    • Wide dynamic range playback, supporting a high-grade audio sources
    • Main transformer with separate power supplies for audio and control circuit
    • Micro-processor stop mode, for higher sound quality
    • Vibration-resistant design with Direct Mechanical Ground Construction
    • European sound-tuned

    Useful Functions:

    • Newly-designed system remote control
    • Phono Equalizer Amp (MM), for connecting an analogue record player
    • PRE OUT jack, for system expansion
    • Headphone jack
    • Less than 0.3 W in standby
    • Aluminium front panel, befitting of the elegance of a high-end audio product
    • Design matches the new DCD-720AE CD player

    Color variations:

    • Premium silver
    • Black

    Specs - PMA-720AE


    Channels 2

    UHC-MOS single push pull circuit -

    Balance / Bass / Treble / Loudness o / o / o / o

    Advanced HC-TR single push pull circuit o

    LC mounted twin transformer -

    Wide range amplifier o

    High current dynamic power supply o

    Power amp discrete construction o

    Micro processor auto off o

    Solid Heat Sinks o

    Source Direct o

    Power Amp direct -

    Dac Mode


    Digital in: USB-A / USB-B / optical / coaxial -

    Sample Rate digital In -

    Asynchronous mode rear USB -

    Bit-perfect transmission -

    USB-B DSD Audio Streaming (DoP): DSD2.8 / DSD5.6 -

    Ground isolator for DAC Mode operation -

    AL 32 Processing -

    DAC Master Clock Design -

    Bluetooth / aptX / NFC -

    Vertical Installation -

    Low Noise OELD display -


    Audio Inputs 6

    Digital in: USB-B / optical / coaxial - / - / -

    Phono Input: MM / MC o / -

    Audio Outputs 1

    Pre-out / Main-in 1 / -

    Power Amp Direct IN -

    Gold plated Cinch o

    Speaker A / B o

    Number of terminals 2

    Remote Control Bus in / out o

    Headphone Out o



    Output power 8 Ohm (20 Hz - 20 kHz, T.H.D. 0.07%) 50 W

    Output power 4 Ohm (1 kHz, T.H.D. 0.7%) 85 W

    Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01 %

    Input Sensitivity: MM 2.5 mV / 47 kohm

    Input Sensitivity: MC -

    Signal to Noise Ratio: MM/MC 86 dB / -

    Input Sensitivity: High level 110 mV / 30 kohms

    Signal to Noise Ratio: High level 107dB

    Treble Control ± 8 dB at 10 kHz

    Bass Control ± 8 dB at 100 Hz


    Available Colours: Premium Silver / Black o / o

    Metal Front Panel o

    Power Consumption in W 200

    Standby Consumption in W 0.3

    Auto Power Off o

    Detachable Power Cable o

    Remote Control RC-1173

    System Remote Function o


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    Denon PMA-720AE