Bombay To Goa - Vinyl Record 12"

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  • Bombay To Goa - Vinyl Record 12" - New Release Hindi - Jamsticks

Bombay To Goa - Vinyl Record 12"

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  • Bombay To Goa - Vinyl Record 12"

    Product Description

    Product Description:

    The lives of Atmaram and his wife are turned upside down when they see their daughter, Mala's pictures in a magazine. They arrange for Mala's marriage with the son of Ramlal. Mala is opposed to marrying anyone who she has not met, and is at the same time thrilled that the two persons she trusted, one Sharma, and the other Verma had actually submitted her pictures to a magazine, and were now willing to sign her up for a Bollywood movie. Mala is not able to understand her parents' opposition on her way to fame, and runs away from home with a lot of money and hands this money to Sharma and Verma. Greed overtakes Sharma and Verma, leading to the death of Verma. Mala, who witnessed Sharma kill Verma, now is on the run for her life. She boards a bus from Bombay which bound for Goa. Sharma soon overtakes her, and has one of his armed men on the bus to kill her. And then arrives Mala's admirer Ravikumar.


    Director - 1 N. C. Sippy
    Lyrics - 1 Rajindra Krishan
    Music - 1 Rahul Dev Burman
    Producer - 1 S. Ramanthan
    Producer - 2 Romu N. Sippy
    Producer - 3 Usman Ali
    Record Details
    Genre Original Soundtrack
    Label Saregama - HMV
    Language Hindi
    Releasing Year 1972
    Size 12 Inches
    Speed 33 RPM
    Singer - 1 Asha Bhosle
    Singer - 2 Lata Mangeshkar
    Singer - 3 Kishore Kumar
    Singer - 4 Usha Iyer
    Side1 - Song1 Haaye Haaye Yeh Thanda Paani
    Side1 - Song2 Dekha Na Haaye Re
    Side1 - Song3 O Maheki Maheki Thandi Hawa
    Side1 - Song4 Tum Meri Zindagi Mein Kuch
    Side2 - Song1 Dil Tera Hai Main Bhi Teri Hoon
    Side2 - Song2 Listen To The Pouring Rain
    Side2 - Song3 Title Song
    Star - 1 Amitabh Bachchan
    Star - 2 Shatrughan Sinha
    Star - 3 Aruna Irani
    Star - 4 Mehmood
    Star - 5 Anwar Ali
    Star - 6 Lalita Pawar
    Star - 7 Manorama
    Star - 8 Mukri
    Star - 9 Agha

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