Ali Akbar Khan (Sarod) -Vinyl Record 12''

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  • Ali Akbar Khan (Sarod) -Vinyl Record 12'' - Indian Classical - Jamsticks

Ali Akbar Khan (Sarod) -Vinyl Record 12''

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  • Ali Akbar Khan (Sarod) -Vinyl Record 12''

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    Ali Akbar Khan (Bengali: আলৠআকবর খাঁ) (April, 14 1922 ‚¬œ June, 18 2009), often referred to as Khansahib or by the title Ustad (master), was a Hindustani classical musician of the Maihar gharana, known for his virtuosity in playing the sarod. Khan was instrumental in popularizing Indian classical music in the West, both as a performer (often in conjunction with Sitar maestro Ravi Shankar), and as a teacher. He established a music school in Calcutta in 1956, and the Ali Akbar College of Music in 1967, which is now located in San Rafael, California and has a branch in Basel, Switzerland. Khan also composed several classical ragas and film scores.[1] He was a Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Music[2] at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
    Trained as a musician and instrumentalist by his father, Allauddin Khan, Khan first came to America in 1955 on the invitation of violinist Yehudi Menuhin and later settled in California.[3] Khan was nominated for five Grammy Awards and was accorded India's second highest civilian honor, the Padma Vibhushan, in 1989.[4] He has also won a MacArthur Fellowship and the National Endowment for the Arts's National Heritage Fellowship.
    Artist - 1 Ali Akbar Khan
    Artist - 2 Shankar Ghosh
    Instrument - 1 Sarod
    Instrument - 2 Tabla
    Record Details
    Genre Indian Classical (Instrumental)
    Label HMV
    Language Hindi
    Releasing Year 1966
    Size 12 Inches
    Speed 33 RPM
    Side1 - Song1 Sarod - Raga : Durga (Alap - Jor - Bilampat : Drut)
    Side2 - Song1 Sarod - Dhun In Khamaj (Chanchar Teen Taal)

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