Ajoy Chakraborty - Vinyl Record 12''

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  • Ajoy Chakraborty - Vinyl Record 12'' - Indian Classical - Jamsticks

Ajoy Chakraborty - Vinyl Record 12''

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  • Ajoy Chakraborty - Vinyl Record 12''

    Product Description

    Product Description:

    Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty (Bengali: অজয় চক্রবর্তà§; born 1953) is an Indian Hindustani classical vocalist. He belongs to the Patiala gharana.
    Chakrabarty was born in Kolkata, Bengal to Ajit Chakrabarty in a Hindu Brahmin family. They moved to India from his homeland, Bangladesh during the partition and raised his two sons in Shyamnagar. His younger brother, Sanjay Chakrabarty is a noted composer and music therapist.
    Chakrabarty was a disciple of Ustad Munawar Ali Khan. He is also a first class graduate from the Rabindra Bharati University.
    Artist - 1 Jnan Prakash Ghosh
    Artist - 2 Sultan khan
    Artist - 3 Zakir Hussain
    Instrument - 1 Tabla
    Instrument - 2 Harmonium
    Instrument - 13 Sarangee
    Record Details
    Genre Indian Classical (Vocal)
    Label HMV
    Language Hindi
    Releasing Year 1990
    Size 12 Inches
    Speed 33 RPM
    Singer - 1 Ajoy Chakraborty
    Side1 - Song1 Thumri Mishra Kafi - Koun Jatansey Preet Nibhaun - Taal Jat
    Side1 - Song2 Thumri Mishra Khamaj - Damini Damke Jiara Moraa Laraje - Taal Kaharwa
    Side2 - Song1 Thumri Desh - Shyam Mere Kabalaun Mai Rahun Khadi - Taal Addha
    Side2 - Song2 Dadra Pilu - Aaj Phagua Me Hori Machi Hai - Taal Kaharwa
    Side2 - Song3 Dadra Mishra Bhairavi - Sanbariya Chit Chor Re - Taal Dadra

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