ABBA- The Visitors - Vinyl Record 12"

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  • ABBA- The Visitors - Vinyl Record 12" - New Release English - Jamsticks

ABBA- The Visitors - Vinyl Record 12"

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  • ABBA- The Visitors - Vinyl Record 12"

    Product Description

    Product Description:

    The Visitors is the eighth and final studio album by Swedish pop group ABBA, released on 30 November 1981.With The Visitors, ABBA took several steps away from the "lighter" pop music they had recorded previously and the album is often regarded as a more complex and mature effort. The opening track, "The Visitors", with its ominous synthesizer sounds and the distinctive lead vocal by Frida, announced a change in musical style. With Benny and Frida going their separate ways, the pain of splitting up was explored yet again in "When All is Said and Done". The major hit single on the album, "One of Us" also depicted the end of a love story. Elsewhere there were current cold war themes‚¬?highly topical at the time‚¬?and further songs of isolation and regret.The Visitors album was one of the first records to be recorded and mixed digitally, and was the first in history to be manufactured on the new CD format in 1982 on Atlantic. The Visitors has been reissued in digitally remastered form three times‚¬?first in 1997, then in 2001 and again in 2005 as part of The Complete Studio Recordings box set.


    Lyrics - 1 Benny Andersson
    Lyrics - 2 Björn Ulvaeus
    Producer - 1 Benny Andersson
    Producer - 2 Björn Ulvaeus
    Record Details
    Genre Pop music
    Label Polar
    Language English
    Releasing Year 1981
    Size 12 Inches
    Speed 33 RPM
    Singer - 1 Abba
    Side1 - Song1 The Visitors
    Side1 - Song2 Head Over Heels
    Side1 - Song3 When All Is Said And Done
    Side1 - Song4 Soldier
    Side2 - Song1 I Let The Music Speak
    Side2 - Song2 One Of Us
    Side2 - Song3 Two For The Price Of One
    Side2 - Song4 Slipping Through My Fingers
    Side2 - Song5 Like An Angel Passing Through My Room

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